Mancini changes Italy: "vertical" team for Immobile

After the terrible defeat with Argentina, Mancini changed not only the men, but also the game. We had won the European Championship with the double playmaker, with the setters Jorginho and Verratti and with them we did not manage to qualify for the World Cup. Short and often horizontal dribble, always of high quality because Jorginho and Verratti, with the ball and chain, are among the best in Europe. But the coach needed to find a new path, he wanted to arrive in the opponent’s area more quickly, making his pitchers raise their heads to catch the opposing defenses from behind. No longer the conquest of the field by meters, but by decameters. At the European Championship this type of approach was the alternative, so Locatelli’s first goal against Switzerland was born: long throw by the same for Berardi, attack to the depth, assist from Berardi and the ball inside Locatelli. This alternative movement has become the basis of the national team’s game in the Nations League. From Germany, where the news quickly caught the eye, to Hungary to England. At Wolverhampton we didn’t score, but the best scoring chance came just like this: Locatelli’s throw from left to right for Di Lorenzo, a flying cross at the far post where Tonali arrived in tow and only an instinctive rejected by Romsdale avoided the goal.

The change is linked to the choice of players with different characteristics from those of the predecessors (which will also have space in the future, of course). Just to give an idea, in the last 5 Ligue 1 championships with PSG he scored just 2 goals, while Jorginho in the Premier League with Chelsea scored 6 in the last season but always and only on a penalty kick. On the contrary, Tonali scored 5 goals with Milan, Frattesi 4 with Sassuolo and Barella (who must be included in the list of midfielders to be … inserted) reached 3 with 12 assists all on play.
We went from two directors to one, Cristante against Germany and Hungary (with Frattesi and Tonali, then with Pellegrini and Barella mezze ali), Locatelli (with Tonali and Frattesi) in England. Verticalization and depth have become the key tools for the attack. Scamacca suffered as a result, accustomed to the Sassuolo dribble. Here, the junction: for a national team with such a vertical game, perhaps a center-forward capable of starting towards the opponent’s goal while waiting for the launch can be useful. The always discussed Immobile comes to mind, top scorer also in the last Serie A. This relay between strikers is curious: as long as Italy happily bet on the dribble, Immobile denounced obvious problems not having among his best skills the technique, the ability of the tight phrasing, now that Italy verticalizes the problems seem to Scamacca who, among his best qualities, does not have the attack on depth. It is right that the coach insists on the Sassuolo striker, on his side he is old and some defects at 23 can still be filed. But now, with this new maneuver, the idea of ​​relaunching the Lazio player who, apparently, wants to get back into the game could also come back to his mind. As Mancini himself said, for what the national team creates, it is essential to score more. In the last 4 games we have only scored 3 goals, when in the last 3 games we have produced a dozen scoring chances. The last goal of a center forward in the national team dates back to 8 September last year, in the 5-0 against Lithuania: not Immobile, not Belotti, not Scamacca, but Kean, a brace. Since then, only defenders, midfielders and winger have scored. The real problem to be solved is that: the 9 goal.


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Mancini: “We didn’t think we were doing so well”

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