"Maignan did not make Donnarumma regret, better than him"

The Milan by Stefano Pioli cuddles himself Mike Maignan, an authentic gate that also thanks to his saves allowed the Rossoneri to win the Scudetto. The excellent season of the former Lille goalkeeper did not go unnoticed in France, with the coach of the transalpines Didier Deschamps who decided to give him more and more confidence by giving him the opportunity to play several times from 1 ‘with the Bleus shirt. Maignan will do everything to conquer the door of France in view of the World Cup, but in the meantime he enjoys the moment and the many certificates of esteem.


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Deschamps: “Decisive saves from Maignan”

“Maignan did not make Donnarumma regret”

Mike Maignan’s talent was also praised Lionel Charbonnierformer goalkeeper of France who triumphed at the 1998 World Cup. For the former defender, Maignan’s arrival at Milan did not make him regret the departure of Donnarumma: “He had a great season with the Milan shirt and the fans have absolutely no regrets about Donnarumma’s departure. Gigio is an excellent goalkeeper and was elected the best at Euro 2020, but Mike is clearly above him. During the radio interview with After RMC, Charbonnier then reiterated: “Maignan gives security to the whole defensive department. When you have a goalkeeper like him, you play more relaxed“.

Maignan-Lloris, duel for the French door

At the moment, however, Mike Maignan is behind Hugo Lloris in the hierarchy for the door of France according to Deschamps. Despite some games as a starter to be framed, such as the one against Croatia, drawn 1-1 by Bleus, there are many benches made because the coach preferred him the Tottenham goalkeeper. For Maignan, however, the time has come to oust the expert Lloris to take the door. Charbonnier is convinced of this, and has tried to further convince Deschamps: “Compared to Lloris, he begins to have much more presence and confidence between the posts. In several one-on-one with Croatia, Kimpembe felt safe. He knew that where he would not go there would be Maignan to put a patch. His way of being makes his teammates safe and when you have a goalkeeper so you can begin to have doubts“.

Charbonnier then underlined: “Today I put it in front of Lloris, but for the World Cup it will be seen in November. He has done a lot of bench and has learned how to behave a true number 1. he He did like Barthez with Lama and on the eve of the World Cup he felt like ‘Barthez starting goalkeeper’. There are still many months, but if both go well I put Maignan in front“.

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