Lukaku to Inter: landing ready

MILAN – It was all already scheduled: the new video call with the Chelsea it was supposed to go on stage yesterday afternoon, this time with the special participation of Steven Zhang. Instead, sudden commitments by Todd Boehly, the new patron of the Blues, have forced a postponement. Likely it’s just a question of hours. So, as early as today or early next week at the latest, the leaders of the two clubs plus the attorney’s Lukaku, Sebastien Ledure, will meet “virtually” around a table for a meeting that many believe can already produce the white smoke. For sure, in the house Nerazzurri there is great optimism. It is no coincidence that the organizational machine for the possible landing-bis of Big Rom has already been started as early as next week. Already alertedtherefore, the safety who will have to watch over the player when he arrives in airport and also the Humanitas of Rozzano, the structure where he will undergo medical examinations. Furthermore, for Lukaku it was, in fact, put on stand-by too Dybala. In fact, in order to continue to benefit from the Growth Decree, the Belgian bomber must return to Inter by 30 June: it is therefore logical to privilege this front which has become very hot in the last few hours.

Lukaku, from London to Milan

Moreover, the plant of theoperation has already been set up. The Chelsea gave the willingness to let go of the Belgian totem with a loan burdensome. The extent of which, however, has yet to be quantified. And, in fact, the main theme of the meeting scheduled for yesterday had to be just that. On the occasion of the first meeting, Inter had made its offer, that is 5 million, plus 2 bonuses linked to the performance of Big Rom and the results of the squad. Boehly and his men did not consider it sufficient and, after having “fired” a request for 20 million euros, they agreed to lower their claims. Yesterday, in fact, they should have made their counter-proposal. Either way, everything suggests that a point of understanding can be found quickly, perhaps around 10-12 million. On the other hand, with Tuchel that does not want to know more, the London club knows that in Lukaku they must necessarily find one accommodation. And, given that the player has made it clear that he will only agree to go to Inter, the equation has been completed.

From Milan to London

The goal of the Chelsea, however, is to minimize the losses after the 115 million invested last summer. The Belgian bomber, in fact, between amortization (25) and gross salary (29), has an annual cost well above 50 million. By lending him to Inter, the Blues would certainly save their salary – Lukaku promised toInter that if it will cut it down to 7.5-8 – while the loan price would partially offset the amortization charge. The London club, however, has also made it clear that they want something more, that is the willingness to buy one of the most valuable pieces of the Nerazzurri squad, in particular one of the three central players (Skriniar, De Vrij and Bastoni) or Dumfries. There would already have been one skimming, limiting the choice to the Slovakian defender and above all to the Dutch side. Inter, however, put in clear that, in the case, they will be two distinct transactions, and that, in any case, the price of Skriniaras you can also read separately being in the sights also of the PSG, is 80 million euros, and that of Dumfries 60.

Inter, the new formation with Dybala and Lukaku: super team for Inzaghi

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Inter, the new formation with Dybala and Lukaku: super team for Inzaghi

Dybala in stand-by

Meanwhile, Dybala remains waiting and continues his holidays together with Correa and respective companions. Inter have warned Joya’s entourage that at this moment it is necessary to give it priority to Lukaku. When the “file” is reopened, therefore, we will work to file the distances that still exist between supply and demand. The solution could be a recalibration of bonuses and the size of the signing bonus.

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