Lukaku only wants Inter: the loan is the basis of everything

MILAN – While next week will be that of the Nerazzurri’s assault on Paulo DybalaRomelu Lukaku keep thinking aboutInter. Its primary goal is a return on loan to Milanbut the top would be aoperation… at the Morata, set up by Atletico and Juventus in 2020. The Belgian knows well that with the new FIFA regulations it is no longer possible to go beyond the 12-month loan. Nonetheless, he dreams of a voyage one way on the England-Italy axis through a gentlemen agreement between the two clubs. That is, an onerous loan for 2022-23, a new loan that is always onerous for 2023-24 (not formalizable now) and then the purchase of the card by Zhang. Too much meat on the fire for the moment? Probably yes. Meanwhile Big Rom he aims to reevaluate himself and reach the World Cup in November after having played 8-9 offi cial matches plus the preseason as a starter, not as a reserve. Inzaghi guarantees it.

Lukaku moves

L’Inter he learned from the Belgian’s lawyer, Sebastian Ledure, that i Blues they will not let him go on a free loan: for a transfer until 30 June 2023, they asked for 25 million, then reduced to 20, or to insert the card of a Nerazzurri player they like in the operation (above all Dumfries, also in the sights of Tottenham and United), even at the cost of having to come up with money. The CEO Marotta he discarded the latter hypothesis: the Lukaku discourse must remain independent. At the most, when the time is right, theInter will say willing to transform the loan from free to expensive: it will start from an offer of 5 million to reach a maximum of 10-12. The new boss Boehly would also save the salary of the boy from Antwerp, 28-29 million gross, including bonuses.

Jay-Z ally

For the moment Lukaku is in the national team and hopes to be able to take the field on Tuesday against Poland. The ct Martinez he has stayed away from talks about the future of his center forward (“If he stays at Chelsea, it will be for the right reasons; if he goes away, it will be because everyone agrees. Romelu knows what he wants and will make the best decision for him »), While Roc Nations, which manages its image (and therefore his advertising contracts), pushes him to return to Italy. Not only the happiness of their client has to do with it, but the discussion also relates to the “brand” Lukaku who, forced on the bench, struggling with controversy or “caught” by his fans, does not perform as he did when he was an idol in Milan. The appearance of the businesstherefore, it is linked to that of the ball. Jay-Z Will he use his relationship with Boehly to help his client?

The squeeze for Dybala

By the middle of the week, perhaps as early as tomorrow or Tuesday, theInter he expects at last one reply from Dybala on the numbers put on the table at the meeting on Wednesday or a 3 or 4 year contract that will start from a base of 5.5 million to which to add easy bonuses (500,000 euros) and other more complicated ones (1 million) each season. The club is willing to commit even over a four-year period, but cannot go much further with theoffer economic Why Sanchez is still under contract. L’objective is to find an agreement with the Niño Maravilla by the end of the month, when the Joya he will probably already be Nerazzurri.

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