Lukaku-Inter, there is one more ally: rapper Jay-Z

MILAN – The negotiation to report Romelu Lukaku toInter does not provide for the transfer of a player from the Inzaghi squad to the court of Chelsea. Or at least this is the firm will of the viale della Liberazione club that intends to do everything possible (we underline it: the possible without losing sight of the budget) to put Big Rom back at the center of its attack. Marotta, by Ausilio and Baccin, for the Blues Lukaku is a problem to be solved, a player to be sold at all costs. Because his will is to leave London and because the coach Tuchel no longer counts on him. This is why Inter are ready both to take away from Chelsea the burden of a salary which, including bonuses, weighs 28-29 million gross per season, and to pay a “symbolic” share for the loan (5 million). Insert in the operation the Dumfries card, which is liked by the Blues but also by the Tottenham and at United, however, for now it is not considered an option also because in 12 months Zhang’s company would find itself without the precious Dutch winger (even if it were valued 40 million) and with the Belgian returning to Stamford Bridge for the end of the loan. Ditto if Tuchel’s requests were concentrated on another player from Inzaghi’s squad, who actually risks losing Skriniar already. The line is clear: one element can only be sacrificed in exchange for cash to settle the budget (target +80 million for the transfer campaign), not in exchanges. Another addition: the blitz on Thursday evening by the ds Ausilio in London (where it was also yesterday and will be today) is not directly connected to Lukaku. Nothing face to face with the management of Chelsea, so they assure from the Inter headquarters.

Marotta: “Dybala? By June we want to give the best possible team to Inzaghi”

Onerous loan

The dialogues that Inter had with the lawyer who looks after Lukaku’s interests, Sebastian Ledure, through negotiations with the Boehly company, they clarified that there is no margin for the free loan of the number 9 born in Antwerp. At the same time, however, Chelsea have revised downwards (from 25 to 20 million) their request to sell the striker for 12 months: always too many. Alternative proposed? A player to be included in the deal, showing willingness to pay a difference also because Tuchel has a budget to spend on the market of 200 million from the new property. In viale della Liberazione you don’t like this formula. The road that Lukaku and his lawyer will take when they have a meeting with the Chelsea it will be that of the onerous loan, but certainly not at the initially hypothesized figures (25 million) and not even at the current ones (20). The new FIFA regulations prevent temporary transfers longer than 12 months. However, through a gentlemen’s agreement, starting the operation for 2022-23 could lead to the commitment to re-discuss the situation in other terms in the summer of next year. When Lukaku’s book value will be lower (around 70 million). To pay Chelsea an onerous loan of 5 million (initial proposal that cannot go beyond 10-12), Inter want to close the deal by June 30 and take advantage of the advantages of the Growth Decree for Lukaku’s salary: at least 7-8 million plus bonuses that gross are about 10-11.5. To push Lukaku to Italy is also the agency that takes care of the image, the rapper’s Roc Nation Sports Jay-Z. The latter has excellent relations with the new Chelsea owner. The Telegraph reported it yesterday. In short, Inter have one more ally in a negotiation that remains complicated, but not impossible.

Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

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Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

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