Lovato chose Bologna and Mihajlovic

BOLOGNA – The Yes it is loud and clear, decisive: Matteo Lovato wants the Bologna. The Atalanta defender will become one of the top men of the rossoblù club, a concrete and important piece of Sinisa’s defense Mihajlovic. Lovato prefers Bologna to Salerno, the player has already made it known and has already accepted the conditions that have been proposed to him. Now it’s just a matter of details. But the operation is nearing completion, the official status could arrive in the next few days. Maybe early next week. A’operation the result of the great relationships between the new rossoblù technical director, Giovanni Sartori, and his former team, Atalanta, who are holding the player’s card. The former Nerazzurri manager, who recently arrived in Bologna, is also working in this area key: managing old relationships in the best possible way and trying to close quality operations that can relaunch Bologna in the best way. Lovato it is part of this modus operandi, a modality that Sartori will also use in the next operations.

Lovato’s will

There is turmoil in the house Bologna for the first, true purchase of the new season. With Medel turning 35 in August, and with a defensive department that needs new energy (despite the confirmations of Theate and Soumaoro), the arrival of Lovato allows the club to watch with optimism to the future. Born in 2000, 22 appearances in Serie A last season with the Cagliari shirt, Lovato was looking for a club to launch definitively. After a championship with Verona (20/21) and some appearances with the Atalanta shirt last year (7 between the championship and the Champions League), theexperience at Cagliari it served the defender to enrich his way of managing situations. With Bologna Lovato is ready to do the great jump. Especially in a club like the rossoblù one, which is making its politics every season with young people on the launching pad.

Lovato’s growth

This will be the job of Sartori and of the neo-ds Marco Di Vaio. If the list of defenders also included Goldaniga, Sutalo and Caldara, in the end Bologna found an agreement with Lovato. This is thanks to the constructive dialogue that Sartori has engaged in in recent weeks with Atalanta. The manager, who arrived in Bologna a few days ago, is working tirelessly to try to bring a staff with some new additions to Pinzolo, the site of the retreat. That of Lovato it would be a definitive purchase, with a medium-long term contract, which would allow the rossoblù club to manage the defender well over the years. Dad Stefano walked the kilometers to follow him everywhere. «I used to leave Candiana on Sunday at 7 in the morning and I would travel for hours on my own to go and see it. I also came home at one in the morning. I was happy, ”he said.

The appearance in the Champions League

Turin, Genoa, Milan, Florence: everywhere just to see the son. That with the passing of the championships he has become one of the men of market most interesting on the Italian scene. It is no coincidence that Atalanta, with Sartori, brought him to Bergamo. Determined, willing. A giant, Lovato. Until the appearance in Champions against Manchester United. “An emotionally complicated evening, but I was ready. The coach and his teammates helped me with important advice. I was very focused, then the next day I realized and I was proud ». He said not to live there matches “In a frenetic way”, but knowing how to manage moments, situations. Just what Bologna was looking for to improve in defense, to grow further.

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