LBA Finals 2022

Weavers 6 – He certainly collects less than he deserves, 2 points and 2 rebounds in just under 3 ‘, but gives moments of substance, taking a good position below.

Lanyard 5 – He never receives the ball in a dynamic position, forced to one on one that are in his strings, but without the emotional switch that can only give him the transition. 4 points with 1/4 to the shot.

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Belinelli 5.5 – The great merit of Milan is to close every line of passing on the throw-ins in the final. He misses a couple of conclusions of the two. 3/10 from the field.

Pajola 5.5 – Centellinato, perhaps too much (13 ‘), also because with him, as always, we do not pass, or we pass very little. Probably, in a low-scoring competition, Scariolo tries to get something more from those who have points in their hands.

Alibegovic 6.5 – In a difficult moment for him, evidently the air of the Finals, and the shirts of Milan, remind him of the happiest moments of his career. 4 points, 3 rebounds, +3 plus / minus, an emotional dunk in 13 ‘.

Jaiteh 4.5 – In race-1, the mission of Milan to “remove him from the race”, or almost, is achieved. 3 points, 1/4 from the field, 5 rebounds, 4 evaluation, -13 plus / minus. Of course, with a couple of mistakes from underneath, he too contributes to his mediocre evening. He will do it again.

Shengelia 5.5 – Not bad numbers, 11 points and 7 rebounds, but also the feeling of never being at ease after the blow to the forearm that a little marks the match. 4 turnovers and very little production in one on one.

Hackett 6 – Very nervous, as shown by the ball thrown at his former teammate Melli, but still able to leave his mark with 6 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. In defense it is a factor, as always.

Sampson 6.5 – He is the emotional leader of this race-1 for Virtus, confirming a supporting role that seems to be more to his taste. 9 points, 4/6 from the field, 5 rebounds, +6 plus / minus. Jakarr is there.

Weems 4.5 – It is as if Virtus, from March, had taken a direction leaving the mvp of that moment waiting at the intersection. 0/3 from the field, the Segafredo Arena invokes the reaction of its favorite.

Theodosic 6.5 – They called him “loser”. In reality he is there, and he is always there, especially when he counts. He keeps Virtus glued to the game even when no one sees the basket anymore. 16 points, 6 fouls suffered, 6 assists, 19 evaluation.

Coach Scariolo 5 – His Virtus finds himself in front of a physicality, until now, unknown, and goes into difficulty. The series is long, his mission will be to first involve Jaiteh and Weems again.

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