Laziomania: La nuova strategia di Lotitio: carica a testa bassa i suoi tifosi

Claudio Lotito changed strategy: now charge head down the fans of Lazio. The Biancoceleste president has created an aggressive, frontal communication architecture, a kind of unpleasant, powerful, without discipline charge of French cavalry. The strategy has changed: now Lotito charges the fans with his head down.

THE OLD STRATEGY – Claudio Lotito for months and months he hid under the surface of the water, alligator lurking. He observed with interest and a short time the internal wars between Sarri and Mr. Igli Tare, the markets in the middle and the complex season passed by Lazio. Under the surface of the water he let the ire of the fans move on Mr. Igli Tare, considered almost the only culprit. He solved the liquidity index twice, while his manager tried and tried to place his unlikely underpriced purchases.

THE CURRENT STRATEGY – Lotito attacks with his head down: in some way he is diabolical, in the sense of divisive. He ventures anthropological analyzes of Lazio fans (after Latinist, journalist, virologist, politician, now also anthropologist) – in reverse parts who knows what could be brought out, on his poses and his sayings and his swollen triumphalisms – taking a part of the truth (e.g. Lazio fans are used to to suffer) and then upset it and tear it up for its use and consumption (they are used too well). The comparison with the Roma fans, at this moment, is clearly sticking the finger in an open wound, after the sumptuous and baroque season finale of the Giallorossi.

THE OBJECTIVES – What Lotito’s goals are, as always, it is difficult to say. Of course, he also charges for the pleasure of the charge itself, of the smell of the enemy, of the adrenaline, of making people talk about his words, his sayings. A way like any other to overstate his already bloated ego. But who underestimates Lotito it usually ends badly: it is clear that there is also a strategy behind it. I try to guess it, but at random – I’m not in his head, nor would I, nor could I: wants to unite Lazio fans, challenge them, try to see if, with the technique of throwing the case with which he towed himself in elementary school, he can now bring people back to the stadium.

Do you want to draw attention back to his figure to protect someone? To find new allies? To try to see who really follows him? In recent weeks, even some very loyal communicators they asked him for a change of pace, and the only change was in the increasingly belligerent and offensive register of his shots. He put the same prices as Roma, after 1 year in which he bled his fans, and now he challenges them. What does it depend on? Who benefits from a head-on collision? Do you want to show who is in charge? What do you want to cover? What is he trying to hide? Why do you talk about the fans all the time? Instead of talking, talking, talking, why don’t you think about selling players, buying them, making the team? Lotito, who is he defending? Lazio, or Claudio Lotito himself?

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