Laziomania: Lazzari e Zaccagni non fanno giocare i giovani in Serie A

It’s not that bad that Mancini has triggered yet another controversy against ours, after having targeted the building properly for years, this time aiming Lazzari and Zaccagni, which, incidentally, are very far from his idea of ​​a starting lineup.

It is not so serious that, to clear one’s conscience for the World Cup thrown away PLAYING BADLYnot for young people, not because in Serie A you don’t play, but PLAYING BAD, has decided to give the press yet another, succulent aperitif from Lazio.

It is not so bad that others have gone away, in silence, no questions asked at the press conference.

It’s not that bad in the backgroundthe controversy between the Lega Calcio and the Federcalcio is moving, from which, it should be remembered, no one resigned despite the epochal failure produced. It is not so bad that they are all still there, and even talk. If anything, do you know it’s serious? That in June, in the height of summer, after a very long and tiring season, the players have to train, take the field, because the top footballers no longer know what to do.

LAZZARI VERSUS UEFA AND FIFA – Uefa and Fifa are now in full identity crisis: they had found some compactness after the Superlega storybut then they got lost again in non-sense competitions, the Nations League that nobody cares about, not even those who play it, and a whole series of little things because they don’t mind that Twitch is eating all their turnover. Don’t be fooled: it is the cash that counts, as always. I say something trivial, but it is not that, without Blatter or without Platini, those organizations have suddenly become a den of schoolgirls. In reverse, it would be fun to carefully check their accounts scattered in tax havens, move a little better at the surveillance level when there are large assignments, understand why it is done there rather than elsewhere. Understanding why a football that is increasingly prey to funds and sheikhs has decided the crazy road of match hyperinflation, a maxi-diffusion of football every minute, every hour, as if the essence were to show it always, continuously, in a kind of Kinghian reinterpretation of Marvel movies, full of multiverses in which you play football all the time.

In Italy we complain about Lazzari and Zaccagni who don’t let children play football in the street and they do not launch them in Serie A, and in the meantime we are swallowed up in a continuous stew of tired plays, injuries, exhausted players and the superatization of this sport. In spite of every rule of marketing, the price for use is raised but at the same time the product becomes banal, the charm of vintage is lost by creating competitions on competitions that will have some real appeal in years, but in reality in years not they will exist more. It is not so serious that the FIGC points the finger at Serie A, but that you think that the Nations League has a complete, real sense, and that someone cares more about Italy-Germany rather than the release of the new season of Stranger Things, well, this is not serious. It’s not serious, it’s just crazy. You shouldn’t send Lazzari and Zaccagni on vacation: you should go, dinosaurs. But you never do.

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