Lazio, Vavro trains in Copenhagen.  Yellow in Muriqi-Galatasaray

ROME – Head to Copenhagen, he doesn’t think about returning. There is a million euro that dances and that makes the difference between the reappearance to Rome and not even come back for a coffee. Denis Vavro he made his decision and crosses his fingers so that the market negotiation can be deepened quickly. He expects positive developments, in the meantime he has already started athletic training with the club he played for last season. He was the protagonist of the Danish championship won in May, 14 fi la games of 90 minutes before the disqualification on the final day againstAalborg. Insured starting shirt, a future that will coincide with the past if Lazio And Copenhagen they will find the agreement. The distance is minimal. Lotito And Tare ask for 5 million euros, so far the offer from Denmark it stopped at 4 million. The defender, in order not to waste time, resumed training yesterday with his teammates and now crosses his fingers: his loan officially expires on June 30, there are two weeks left, it is the deadline that he hopes not to exceed so as not to be forced to return in Capitalalbeit only in passing.


There Superliga Danish will start again on July 17 (the Copenhagen will face theHorsens at home), Vavro aims not to move and to definitively say goodbye to Lazio. It is a mutual need. The biancoceleste society, on the other hand, has the will to avoid summer overcrowding. Bidirectional objective until the beginning of July: to give new grafts to Sarri and at the same time streamline the squad of players out of the technical project before the retirement of Auronzo. Muriqi it is the most full-bodied name (for costs) that must be placed. “I have a contract and I will respect it, I will do the preseason there. Then we will have to make a decisionThe striker had said shortly before the start of the holidays. A scenario that Lazio want to avoid by getting rid of his card first. In Turkey continue to revive strong interest in the Galatasaraymany media insist on the track by linking the deal to some ambitious statements by the Giallorossi management (“We will buy 4 players …»).

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Lazio, in order not to realize an excessive capital loss, asks about 12 million euros. He’s not going to go down too far. A similar proposal has not yet arrived, not even since Majorca where he has been on loan since January (5 goals and 3 assists in 16 total matches). The Spaniards do not even reach 10 million. We need a solution quickly. Front Escalante: rumors about Valencia And Cadiz, for 2-3 million Lazio will let him go. In Liga showed himself in the second round without avoiding the relegation of theAlaves.

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