Lazio transfer market: Luis Alberto, promise of love with reserve

Magician and jolly. Football diviner, case lifter. Coexistence with the double of him, however Luis Alberto, it has become routine. Perhaps now for everyone: managers, coaches, teammates. She manages to charm and anger. Also this year his season ended one day early, in his six years in Lazio it happened five times for one reason or another. The crowded leave catalog signals the only presence in 2019-20, the year of Covid lived without traditional holidays. Luis missed Lazio-Verona, he complained of discomfort due to groin pain. He flew to Spain and a few days after the conclusion of the championship he hastened to post social images in which he was immortalized on a physiotherapy bed. Luis Alberto, with his spells and his bizarre, has assured the club that he has not escaped and that his intention is to stay at Lazio unless an offer arrives from Spain, in particular from Sevilla, or from a top Iberian club. He is happy in Rome, he always said so. He bought a mega house in Olgiata, it belonged to Stankovic. At the end of April he had organized a super party to inaugurate it with the team.

The scenarios

If no offers have yet arrived for Milinkovic, the same goes for the Magician. The Lazio people tremble at the thought of losing one or even both. They hope for a double miracle. The usual end-of-year murmurs give Sevilla in the footsteps of the Magician, diesse Monchi has not shown up with Tare so far. Sevilla are working on the outputs, they have sold Diego Carlos to Aston Villa and Koundé is courted by Chelsea, 100 million could enter the coffers. The money to launch the assault on Luis Alberto will not be lacking, the actual will to treat him will count. Lotito shoots high, 50 million valuation. He would settle for 30. The rumors about the exchange with Zielinski have been denied by Napoli and are not confirmed by Formello. The blue midfielder earns 4.2 million, even if the parameters are out of reach for the biancocelesti. It is certain that Sarri likes Zielinski and that if he could he would give up the antics of the Spaniard. The estrus deficit would be heavy, replacing Luis Alberto and / or Milinkovic is not an easy task. The names of Denis Suarez of Celta Vigo, Bourigeaud of Rennes and Ilic of Verona appear in the list of eligible candidates for the possible replacement of the Magician.

The desire

Luis has always expressed the desire to go home, but it is not as pressing as in the past: “I would like to go back to live in Spain, I really want to go back, let’s see if I will soon. I want to go back to Spain to be physically well and to have funWere the words spoken in February. In Liga sooner or later he will return, with Lazio he has a contract until 2025, it is long: “There are many teams in La Liga and I would like to enjoy the Spanish league, I would like to do it when I am at a good level. I still have three years on my contract, there is time. I have been in Italy for six seasons and it is my home. I’ve been playing for Lazio for six years, it’s my family. I’m happy. I’m fine with Sarri. I had a difficult moment, but then I found a balance and now I’m working for the team, with my teammates we are learning the coach’s directions. It is clear that if the results come, everything is easierWas the gloss of the interview. Luis Alberto, except for surprises, will have to show up in Rome on 3 July, and on the 5th he is expected to leave for the retreat. Last year he marked visit, he didn’t show up. He joined Auronzo late and Sarri forced him to apologize to his companions. He left first in May, he can’t be last in July again.

Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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