Lazio, the season ticket campaign: the date is here

ROME – Finally there is a date. The season ticket campaign of Lazio it will start on Thursday 23 June, perhaps even the day before if some logistical details allow it. It is not yet official, but it is what was established yesterday, during the last of a long series of technical meetings of the Biancoceleste club’s marketing department.

Lazio season ticket campaign: the date

Some technical aspects have been fixed and indications have been sent to Vivaticket, the partner for the management of tickets. Now it is up to them to give definitive confirmation regarding the timing, an answer that will come in the short term after analyzing further details. On the other hand, due to the pandemic, it is the first time that Lazio is in program the subscription campaign since the collaboration with the company that deals with the organization and management of events began. There is great restraint on the slogan that will accompany the promotion (except that it is “United we win”, leaked in recent weeks), but the green light has now arrived, as the prices have been established for days by president Lotito.

Lazio, prices

We therefore have to wait until next Wednesday / Thursday, then the Biancocelesti fans will be able to return to sign up for a season ticket, three years after the last time. The figures will be higher than then, but still offer one of the lowest prices considering the top teams of Serie A and as is known they will be more or less in line with those established by the Rome. On the other side of the Tiber have opened the subscriptions about a month ago (on May 18), providing for two different phases (the first at a subsidized cost will end today), while Lazio will offer only one option, aligned with the cheaper one of the Giallorossi club (therefore not considering the higher costs related to their “Phase 2”) and adding to this some promotions in different sectors of the Olympic Stadium, including the classic concessions linked to children under 16 and “Eaglets”. The figures will therefore be very close to those that the Rome has established for its “Phase 1”, ie 269 euros la South curve339 i Yoursthen 399, 449 and 549 la Tribuna Tevere Parterre (north, south and central respectively), 576 and 700 la Tribuna Tevere (south and central), 556 and 649 la Tevere Top grandstand (south and central), 689 la Monte Mario grandstand and 775 la Monte Mario Centrale grandstand.

Lazio, all the news

Close, but not identical. There will be variations, both in one direction and in the other, also because the areas of the stadium sectors that will be sold are different: taking the example of Monte Mario stand, Biancoceleste side this will cost a little more than the Giallorossi (but there will be proposals for contour promotions), as it will provide fans with better seats than those offered by Roma, which in that sector leaves only the side parts adjacent to the South Curve free. A novelty, then, is that Lazio will also introduce the fare for the Tribuna Tevere Parterrewhich is also connected to the discourse relating to the pre-emptions reserved for old subscribers of the season 2019/2020: for them these changes must be considered, as well as the structural ones that have occurred within the Olympic Stadium in recent years, with the possibility of moving one’s post elsewhere.

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