Lazio, Sarri hopes to keep Milinkovic: for now no offer for Sergej

ROME- “What does this Lazio need? A few players to try to reach the Champions League ». The laurel on the head, for the 11 goals and 11 assists signed, the smile and the sharp message. Sergej Milinkovic thus took his leave at the end of the season, as an imperious predator and inspirer of market. It was not an insolence, he suggested purchases to Lotito, perhaps understanding the sale of him. Or she did it regardless, the rest is not excluded that she remains and one Lazio stronger would also suit him. The Sergeant greeted everyone after Verona, he doesn’t know if it was a goodbye or a goodbye. Of offers official and unofficial there is no news, only rumors bounce and not even with an incessant cadence, far from it.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

The scenarios

The manager Kezman scoured the wholeEurope, has collected little so far. The top clubs are in action on various goals, strangely (or fortunately for Lazio) the domination of the midfielders does not involve Milinkovic. The Bayern Monaco took Gravenberch for about 25 million. Tchouameni is target of Real Madrid and PSG, can move for 80 million. Manchester United tip De Jong del Barcelona for 70 million and more. City want Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips, valuation 60 million. Aside from Gravenberch, all other lenses have multimillion-dollar valuations. Sergej he’s out of this merry-go-round unless the assault on him is imminent. In the race there have always been United and PSG, the companies most interested remain. Especially Manchester, after the departure of Pogba, one step away from Juventus. We are on June 6, between a month exactly Auronzo’s retreat will start. The arrival is scheduled for July 5th, the first training session will be scheduled for the 6th. Milinkovic is busy with Serbia, he has not yet started the holidays. He will do it late, so he will join the biancocelesti in the race. He deserves the “nobility and professionalism” award every year, so far he has never marked a visit. If from market no news will come, he will join the team regularly.

Milinkovic’s words

Sergej he used the word Champions several times after the match with Verona: «When the season begins I say that the goal is the Champions League, then you have to be realistic. We have often made mistakes, in recent months we have improved and now we are going to the Europa League ». Sarri has never lost hope of still having him with him, during the talks with Lotito he was assured that nothing is taken for granted: “I hope the fans applaud Milinkovic with our shirt again next year – said Mau at the end of the season – talking to president Lotito I am convinced that if he goes away, which is not easy after the words I heard from him, he will not go to Italy ». Lotito he never considered Sergej’s departure to be taken for granted, he never had any inkling of the arrival of official and indispensable offers. He has been considering it for years Mister 100 million, keeps the evaluation high to earn as much as possible. For Milinkovic’s staff, the price cannot exceed 65-70 million considering the cost of Vlahovic, paid 70 million plus bonuses by Juve. Lotito will not hinder the wish by Sergej to leave, as long as a super offer arrives: «The price is there when one is put on the market. I didn’t put it on the market so there is no price. When there will be an offer that will satisfy him from a professional point of view, speaking of the top 5 teams in the world, and also economic and that at the same time contemplate the needs of Lazio, certainly I will not start crusades against of him, he would not deserve it. “

The wait

Milinkovic it’s at Rome for 7 years, he has been 27 and has a contract that will expire in 2024. We have never talked about renewal nor have there been any signs of willingness to talk about it from the player’s staff. Who knows, everything could change at the end of the market if nothing has changed. The stall Milinkovic holds back most of Lazio’s market strategies, with his sale the budget would be richer. But it would need to be replaced and a company would be needed.

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