Lazio, Sarri expects four hits: Lotito's promise

ROME – It is the image of Sarri which gives relief to Lazio fans. With a president (Lotito) used to challenge, to face, to debate, to quibble on every rule or law, is the presence of Mau to give hope that every void will be filled, starting with the market. Sarri is in Rome for a year, he has understood well the complexities that Lazio and its people encounter on a daily basis. He accepted them, signed the renewal. It’s a Commander sarrista, he needs a reckless life, but not beyond belief. Sarri has nominated himself “Representative of the people” and became the guarantor. He asked Lotito concrete facts, in words he had guarantees. Mau waits for the president at the gate, he plans to welcome at least four purchases in collection. It will start on July 5, it will end on the 22nd. The rest of the shots (including a full-back and a deputy Ciro if it won’t stay Cabral) in the course of the market.

Marcos Antonio, the details

It is made for Marcos Antonio of Shakhtar, cost 8 million. The arrival was scheduled for this week, it has been postponed to June 20. It is the play chosen to collect the legacy of Leiva. Today she turns 22, she still has to grow up. The purchase was endorsed by Mau, always well disposed towards purebred foals. Sarri is without goalkeeper and without defense. Wait for the new central number one and two to bind to Patric, Radu and Kamenovic. He insists on wanting Carnesecchi despite the injury that threatens to force him to have the operation and stop for two to three months. With all the risks that a similar operation includes. Sarri had given the ok to the arrival of Romagnoli and had asked again for the purchase of Casale del Verona. It’s at stake Chust of Real Madrid22-year-old central defender, proposed by said Tare. These are the three most popular goals. No closing operations result.

Lazio, the top 10 of the most used players by Sarri

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Lazio, the top 10 of the most used players by Sarri

Lazio year zero

Sarri received reassurance from Lotito otherwise he would not have signed until 2025. He will test the president on his word after the December and January frictions. At the end of the season, he took his leave, claiming the tactical growth shown by the team and not hiding the danger of another year of construction: «We have made a path and changed the way we play football. There have been many problems and difficulties, but the signs of growth are evident. There is a risk of losing some players next season, our players can be in demand on the transfer market. And the risk of making a zero year again exists ». Lost Strakosha and Luiz Felipewith Unripe at the start, there is an obligation to rebuild the defense by armoring it. It is the department that has suffered the most from change, injuries, unavailability and that has held up less (the 58 goals conceded are proof of this). Sarri cannot leave for the retreat without having a defensive line to work on. That’s why he pushes for reinforcements in close proximity. Lotito is grappling with yet another battle against the FIGCwaits to know the outcome of the appeal presented by League of A to attempt to block federal licensing provisions 2022-23. It is preparing to pay around 5 million to make up the deficit and close the registration procedure, also unblocking the market. A market that cannot fail to travel in parallel, especially in a summer like this, scheduled to re-establish. Sarri most of all needs to coach a complete team or in the process of being defined, already last year he found himself alone with Hysaj and Romero of new purchases. Felipe came running. Kamenovic it was there, but it wasn’t there. The 17 days of the first pre-season in Lazio were of little or no avail, various national teams were missing, there were players in the squad who would have left. A price paid in the first few months, better not to pay it back. We are at June 13, in three weeks Lazio will be gathered in Formello and will prepare for departure. Lotito has already detonated all the Lazio players, all that is needed is that he detonates Sarri. We imagine it a Castelfranco di Soprathe slow burning of the cigarette between his lips presupposes ardent expectation.

Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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