Lazio-Romagnoli, watch out for intrusions: the negotiation

ROME – Delete the other Italian options, but beware of offers that come from outside. Alessio Romagnoli wait for the lunge of Lazio, could arrive at the beginning of July, the technical requirements must take into account the economic constraints. We still need a couple of weeks of patience, the accelerations on the market are expected in the days leading up to the departure for the Auronzo retreat (5 July). The agreement is not far off, indeed, the central has discarded the alternative solutions in Italyprimarily Fiorentina and Monza. And the Milanunlike what was assumed after the change of company, it has no intention of relaunching for an extension: contract expiring on 30 June, from 1 July he will be a free player. A tempting proposition, here’s the news, was delivered to his entourage by a foreign club. Reflections in progress, Lazio remains on pole for the boy’s project and footballing faith. It can make a difference in such a case.

Romagnoli, the needs of Lazio

Lotito he has no intention of letting it slip away, the stand by phase should end in July, the first incoming operations will be formalized. Lazio, among other things, tries to link the arrival of Romagnoli to the sale of Acerbi, currently more complicated. The priorities at the moment seem to be the goalkeeper and the defender on the center-right where he is the only one Patric (renewed until 2027). Farmhouse remains the hottest track, they try to file the distances with the Veronawith which more than one business could be born. Sarri, remaining in the back department, he thinks that the 1998 class has the right characteristics to form the new central pair of the four-man line. From the Spainmeanwhile, they continue to pull over Chust of Real Madrid, 22, on loan to Cadiz last season. There is ample competition in Ligaaccording to the latest rumors too the Empoli of Corsi he would be thinking about it.

Lazio market, all names

The left-back born in 2002 is back in Brazil after the days elapsed a Naples with the father to solve the paperwork relating to the Italian passport. It would allow him to be registered as a community member. Play in Santoshas not yet made his debut in the first team, Lazio would have offered a triennial. His contract expires on December 31, 2022, he will soon be able to be treated as a free agent and then move on a free transfer in January. He wants to try the leap in A league, asks for a salary of 240 thousand euros per season. The Brazilian leadership is trying to detain him, it may be too late. It would not be the first time: from the “Peixe”in recent years, Lazio has already fished Felipe Anderson, André Anderson and Gustavo Ciprianonever exploded after the experience in Spring.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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