Lazio remakes the midfield: from Torreira to Denis Suarez, all the names in the sights

ROME – Market and fantasy market, moves and counter-moves, secret and revealed assaults, real or presumed, failed and in progress. There Lazio is on the hunt for a doormanof two defenders central and he’s not settling for Marcos Antonio in midfield. The deal for the Shakhtar midfielder was closed yesterday for 8 million, the exchange of documents sanctioned the operation. The landing in Rome is scheduled for next week. He was chosen as playwith the endorsement of Sarri. But the names of directors keep turning. It was offered again Torreira, dumped by Fiorentina. Commisso e Bentancur, his manager, argued over errands. The Viola have not exercised the ransom (15 million), the Uruguayan has returned to Arsenal. It is due in 2023, he will not stay. Sarri had asked for it a year ago, so did Inzaghi in his last season. The company, being there She goes And Cataldi in pink, he had not thought it right to buy another play. Leiva has left, Marcos Antonio is coming, surprises cannot be ruled out. Better to abound, if possible, especially in a reconstruction market. The Brazilian from Shakhtar is a wild card, born a mezzala, can be used in multiple roles. Torreira can be one more opportunity. To move on loan, he must sign the renewal with Arsenal, otherwise he must be bought. Fiorentina paid him a salary of 1.8 million, in case of redemption he would have signed a three-year contract for 2.7 million plus bonuses. Torreira left the door open to Fiorentina, the inclusion of Lazio would not leave him indifferent. The name of also emerged from Brazil Maycon, 24 years old, partner of Marcos Antonio at Shakhtar. He is on loan to Corinthians until December. Many players of the Ukrainian club are tempting. We must also deal with the non-EU citizens’ boxes, there are two.

The mezzali to Sarri

It is hunting for mezzaliwaiting to know the future of Milinkovic And Luis Alberto. Sergej celebrated Sarri’s renewal with a “like” on social media, he is always willing to leave. Sarri, to replace him, would focus on Loftus-Cheek of Chelsea, name deleted from the diesse Tare to Sportitalia: “We don’t care.” Zielinski’s name has rebounded from Naples, but he earns 4.2 million. And the Azzurri deny the hypothesis of an exchange with Luis Alberto. Sarri likes it Ilic del Verona, 21, would bet on him. There is an open channel with Verona, a couple of operations may arise, President Setti confirmed after the talks with Lotito. Lazio is ready in case of departure of the Magician, who if he would move only to go to Spain (to Sevilla), has made it clear to the club. Yet the Biancocelesti are probing various slopes. They tried to fit in for Mkhitaryan before he went to Inter. It had been offered a month ago, when he was cracking the relationship with Roma. Sarri had a thought about it, a style shot was attempted Pedro. Watch out for Denis Suarez of Celta Vigo, formerly Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Villarreal and Arsenal. He is 28, expires in 2024. He stays in the running Bourigeaud of Rennes, plays winger, is born a mezzala, expires in 2023. He will leave the French club, he is 28 years old. The midfield needs reinforcements, both prominent and otherwise. Milinkovic and Luis Alberto are in the balance, Cataldi and Basic will remain, Akpa Akpro is destined to leave. Leiva left. Marcos Antonio can replace him, but he cannot triple.

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