Lazio-Pedrinho, decisive summit.  And Totti inquires

ROME – Is called Pedrinho Scaramussawill accomplish 20 years on June 24. In Brazil they are safe and confirmations arrive from Santos: the Lazio offered a triennial to the quarterback claim, contract expiring on 31 December 2022. In two weeks, he will be able to negotiate as a free agent to move to January next year. The news there are two: the boy is in these hours a Naples to definitively resolve the practice relating to the passport Italian that would allow him to be registered from community. His father accompanied him to Italy and the desire to try the adventure in Serie A is also quite clear. The other news is related to the maneuvers of the Santos: one is scheduled today meeting decisive to evaluate the destiny di Pedrinho and any offers. The Brazilian club will attempt a relaunch to renew his contract and not lose it, in a few months, on a free transfer.


Pedrinho it could be the baby for the left wing that we talked about in the Lotito and Sarri market. Specialized sites report membership of the stable by Giuliano Bertoluccithe same agent as She goes and Felipe Anderson. The Brazilians, on the other hand, attribute it to D10 Sports. Lazio may have presented aoffer, in the form of modest compensation, to try to take it six months before the deadline. Pedrinho is asking for a salary of 240 thousand euros per season. It is a lot considered from market participants and yesterday afternoon, in Santos orbit, another emerged indiscretion. The agency of Francesco Totti, former captain of Roma in partnership with Candela, would be interested in the player and would have asked for information. The hook with the Brazilian market would be Aldair. The three former Giallorossi yesterday were together in Anzio for a padel event. For now they are voices and they come from the other side of the world, perhaps to create interest around Pedrinho. And the player, approached in Brazil to Lazio, could also be proposed to other clubs. Obvious. He has not yet made his first team debut for Santos, but he is highly regarded.

Carnesecchi situation

He is not from Eastern Europe, as he warns Sarri, determined to push in the footsteps of Italians or foreigners with a proven football school. It is no coincidence that he gave a positive opinion on the purchase of Marcos Antonio, Brazilian midfielder, to replace Leiva. Near feet good and speed of insertion, fundamental skills to speed up training. And wait reinforcements in defense, worried by the biblical times of Formello. Yesterday Loris Carnesecchi underwent surgery in Bologna by Prof Porcellini. Shoulder arthroscopic surgery should take four months to stop for competitive re-entry. The doorman of the Under 21 team remains at the top of Lazio’s favorite list. Lotito aims it for the present and for the future. The injury will not change the negotiation. Atalanta is only available at loan. The hypothesis of conditional redemption is making its way, at a lower figure than that hypothesized in recent days: 7-8 million with an option to be exercised in a year. Vicar first alternative. The contract of Reina provided for automatic renewal with entry into the Europa League, but Sarri will push to take on two new goalkeepers, not just Carnesecchi. Ionut’s candidacy has come up Radu, 25, leaving Inter, also approached by Cremonese and Empoli. He needs space and play. Surprises and profiles of superior experience are not to be excluded.

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