Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

ROME- The grain doorman and the other assaults of marketfor now, assaults with blanks. Lotito has reviewed Septa of the Verona Tuesday in Milan, on the occasion of the Lega assembly. They talked about Ilic And Farmhouse. The Serbian mezzala is one of Lazio’s goals in the event of a departure of Milinkovic (so far no offer) or Luis Alberto (willing to move only for Sevilla, made it clear to the company). On Ilic there are foreign companies, it has a lot of market. She is 21 years old, Sarri likes her, she is a modern mezzala. Setti paid 12 million for him, used the money collected from the sale of Lovato to Atalanta to promote this rich investment. Today he values ​​it 18 million. It’s a figure high. Lazio have an agreement with the player, not the one with Hellas, also because to find him you would need hard cash. Yesterday the bombastic name of Tanguy rebounded Ndombele, 25, 1.81 in height, Tottenham midfielder, returns from loan to Lyon. He was paid 65 million in 2019. Lotito is struggling with the deficit of the liquidity index, to be covered by 22 June. The hypothesis of the payment from one’s own pocket as it happened in the summer and not through the sales of Vavro or Escalante. About 5 million are needed, there are no confirmations on the figure, secreted by the company. The money for the market, without the sale of Milinkovic, must be allocated from the balance sheet, from the revenue item. The budget, without a record collection, risks being limited. Lotito promised Sarri various blows, gave him guarantees. Mau will meet Lazio on 3 July, on the 5th evening he will leave for the retreat of Auronzo. He has no goalkeeper, he has no central defenders apart from Patric, Radu and Kamenovic. He expects two, one to replace Luiz Felipe and one to replace Acerbi (if he leaves). Lotito spoke again with Setti di Casale, valued at about 15 million. For Lazio it is worth 10. he thinks about loans with redemption, with operations similar to the one that brought Zaccagni to Rome. He is valid for Ilic and for Casale. The others. The number one goal in defense remains Romagnoli, despite the impasse. The central is waiting for Lazio, but also waiting for Milan. The new property could offer him a major renewal. Pegs maybe it still needs to Romagnoli, is central rebus. Botman is not closed, Tomori, Kalulu and Kjaer are on the staff (after the injury).

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

Sarri wants a full-back

Sarri asked a quarterback holderthe company would like to take an under 25 if it gives up Hysaj. Mario Giuffredi, manager of Mario Rui, he held the door open speaking to Radio Marte: «For me he will stay in Naples. If Lazio or another team arrived, we would talk about it with the club and decide together ». Voices uncontrolled in attack. In Turkey they write and rewrite that Lazio thinks of Yunus Akgunwing owned by the Galatasaray, born in 2000, played in Montella’s Adana Demirspor (9 goals and 17 assists). Rumors about Peter Pellegri, pure center forward, scoring with Toro at the Olimpico. The grenades have to redeem him from the Monaco, it is not certain. Forward the diesse Tare works on the purchase of Cabral for about 5 million. For the company it is better to start from him, confirming him as deputy building. Behind Ciro we are looking for an adaptable player, a winger that can be used as a first striker. Sarri had said yes, but perhaps he thought it would cost him less. If Mau says no, foreign track. Djuricic has been proposed, he frees himself from Sassuolo. It is managed by the Giuffrida brothers, they are Vicario’s managers. Tuesday lunch with Tare may have been useful for inbound and outbound operations.

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