Lazio, è il giorno della verità per Carnesecchi. E intanto si valutano i 'piani B'

Today the future of the door is decided Lazio. Marco Carnesecchithe Biancocelesti’s favorite for the post Strakosha, will return to Bergamo after the shoulder injury suffered with the Under 21 National Team and will undergo some clinical tests. The outcome will be decisive in deciding whether to operate or not.

THE SITUATION – Dislocation seems certain. With the doctors he will choose the best path to follow. Going under the knife would mean staying still for at least 2-3 months. Which imposes some reflections in the biancoceleste house: aim for the 2000 class anyway or turn elsewhere. In Formello they are convinced of the boy’s talent, but the idea of ​​not being able to have him immediately available for retirement and not being able to count on him at least until September raises some doubts about the investment to be made. With Atalanta, owner of the card, there is still some distance in the negotiations. And the 15 million requested by the Percassi now seem like a lot. Lotito may be negotiating to get a discount. In fact, however, the possibility of sinking the blow to close the deal all depends on today’s response. With possibly extended recovery times or uncertain physical situations, the Capitoline players will most likely change their strategy.

ALTERNATIVES – For his part, the young blue, protagonist this year of the return to Serie A of the Cremonese, has made it known that he is confident and wants to get back to his best as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, Lazio returns to consult the list of alternatives. Plan B is Vicar, already courted earlier, but the competition on him has now increased. Empoli redeemed the card from Cagliari for 9 million. The resale price will therefore not be too different from that made by the Dea for Carnesecchi. Fiorentina and Naples above all think about it. Other names, on the other hand, remain in the background at the moment. Sergio Rico, after the interests in the spring, has no longer fully convinced and is a track to be considered abandoned. Provedel, with whom an agreement had also been found, will instead remain in La Spezia, since he would have landed in the capital only in the event of Reina’s farewell. Kepa remains a dream, even if he revived a couple of days ago from a phone call with Sarri. Cragno is also on the list of eligible candidates, but where the last profile that emerged today is that of Dominik Livakovic, 27-year-old Croatian national, owned by Dinamo Zagreb. Just ideas at the moment. Before moving, news is awaited from Bergamo.

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