Lazio, Immobile already prepares an enterprise

ROME – Giorgia and Michela, his little girls, covered it with sand yesterday. As if they were healing mud. Little Mattia, with his feet in the water, looked at his father with a smile. Ciro, immersed in the shore of Santa Margherita di Pula, was recharging. Solar energy, the affection of the family. He also brought his father Antonio and mother Michela to Sardinia. Jessica, his wife, applies due caution to the sea: she is pregnant, expecting her fourth child. The Lazio captain will stay at Forte Village for another week. He needed one stop after the pandemic and two years of uninterrupted activity. He chose the resort where, in May 2021, the coach Mancini had brought the national team for a short pre-retreat in preparation for the European Championship. “It all started a few meters from here,” he said Ciro in an interview granted, a few nights ago, to Sky Sport.

Stay blue

His eyes they lit up, thinking back to the glory of Wembley. “It will remain in history and in the hearts of all of us.” He has recovered the serenity and the motivations not to break away from the national team. Roberto Mancini, at the end of the championship, he had phoned him to test his mood, to know his physical conditions, to perceive his desire to wear the blue again after the disappointment mounted at the end of March for the elimination from the World Cup in Qatar and the post controversies -Palermo. «We talked about my condition and my injury. He called me before the summons, I couldn’t be there. I’m following the matches ofItaly and it seems to me they are doing a great job. I have seen a more vertical kick and I am pleased because I could take advantage of my characteristics to a greater extent. I’m more than happy to give my contribution in the national team “he explained after the success against Hungary, silencing the intentions of abandonment, which emerged in a moment of bitterness and above all pushed by the Lazio world, to protect his own symbol. Mancini never thought about it, quite the contrary, even though he never managed to fully exploit its qualities. The coach said it clearly two months ago. He has need of all, to make young people grow and to keep the senators. In the role of center forward, behind Ciro, the only ones called are Raspadori and Scamacca, called to mature, plus the usual Belotti. Joao Pedro was an impromptu attempt. Balotelli will not be recalled. Gnonto is the surprise (from outside), maybe Pellegri (Under 21) will grow up, but there are no others. Nobody can argue Ciro. There are light years, in the form of goals scored in Serie A, away. He will be reconvened in September or March 2023 (European qualifiers) if the experiments continue with England and Hungary.


Lotito, in the form of a flag, can be proud of it. Ciro, at the age of 32, chose to close his career at the Lazio. He has hardly ever been in the balance, now even less. An abundant month of relaxation is recharging him. Property at Forte Village he worked in the gym and on the field. You also saw ds Tare, guest for the padel tournament. He got hurt on May 7, at the stadium Olympic, during the championship match with Sampdoria. Infringement of the malleolus of the right ankle. He missed the last two with Juve and Verona, plus the Wembley Final between Italy and Argentina. He could not be employed in the Nations group. One month of stop provided by the medical staff of Formello to overcome the injury. He should be ready from the first day of work in Auronzo. Confirmations will be needed. Ciro with Sarri established a technical feeling and harmony in the locker room. Four goalscorers’ titles, one at Torino and three more at Lazio, no Italian striker had ever succeeded in the history of Serie A. This year he won the title of the strikers in the league in which he played the least, 27 goals in 31 appearances. He will return to the assault on August 15th, chasing Nordahl’s five. It would be another unattainable record.

Lazio, Property awarded as the best forward in Serie A

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Lazio, Property awarded as the best forward in Serie A

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