Lazio, for Milinkovic Chelsea track: the updated situation

ROME – Secret services of market. The away match of Tare abroad, geolocated a London from the control towers, which began on Tuesday and ended yesterday, served to try to internationalize Lazio’s operations in ticket and in exit. London was chosen as the destination, the Chelsea as a goal. Sarri has always liked the goalkeeper Kepathe full back Emerson Palmieri and the mezzala Loftus-Cheek, all Blues jewels. TO Tuchel you may like it Milinkovic, diamond of Lazio. The blitz di Tare was used to probe leads, to assess the real interest of the Premier League clubs for Sergej, starting from Chelsea. It is still the market with the most financial resources.

The details

There Lazio look for a shock after buying the play Marcos Antonio. The marketsultry and inconclusive like a storm that does not decide to burst, is blocked by economic distortions linked to the liquidity index: admissible or not for thesigning up will be seen after the outcome of the FIGC appeal to the TAR, it is certainly still an obstacle to the Biancocelesti signings. And if the theshold (to unlock purchases) will remain 0.6, Lotito he will have to pay around 6 million euros, double what he was ready to do until a few days ago to complete the registration process for the championship (before the pronouncement of the College of Guarantee, in favor of the Lega di A). The presidentable to walk on embers, hastens to say and repeat that he has never put Milinkovic on marketbut admits that in the face of atop offer he would not “go on crusades” against the Sergeant. There departure of Sergej, however painful, would allow society to to plan the market with less phlegm, with more speed. Tare’s multiple poll with the Chelsea served to certify theinterest of the Blues for Sergej, but we have not gone into details, the British have limited themselves to deepening information. They are dealing with the assignment from Lukaku at Inter, they have not yet launched attacks in ticket. Todd spoke just yesterday Boehly, the American billionaire owner of Chelsea, has made it clear that no follies will be made: “If you look at the models that are very successful in the world of football, Liverpool are one of them: they generate two hundred million more revenue than Chelsea, so I think there is an opportunity to compete. The Big Six will become “Big Seven” with Newcastle’s Saudis, we believe there will be an opportunity for everyone to win. There will be a reorganization of the English football league. The opportunity to turn it into a truly more valuable asset is available. Financial Fair Play is starting to take its toll and this will limit the ability to acquire players at any price. L’Uefa he takes it seriously and will continue to take it seriously, this will mean more fines and disqualifications from sporting competitions ».

The scenarios

Of interests for Milinkovic manager Kezman collected some lot of in Premier. The richest offers could present you the Newcastle of the Saudis and theArsenal. But these are destinations that Milinkovic does not accept. He hopes for bigger clubs, but no one is willing to offer more than 60 million, at most one can imagine proposals of 55-60 million. He will stay in Lotito, if aoffer official, decide: take or leave? You can also say no, it has already done so in the past. Bad conditions Milinkovic’s contracts require a profound reflection. It is due to expire in 2024, in a year it will be able to start planning a possible zero start. So far his staff he never considered the possibility of renew.

Milinkovic on vacation

Milinkovicwaiting for news from Lazio or by manager Kezman, you enjoy the vacation. He closed with the Nations League, experienced as a protagonist with Serbia. It flew to Bodrum, Turkey, post photos from a luxurious five-star hotel, overlooking the Aegean Sea. He plans the wedding with Nataijla, his historical girlfriend. The gossip is not on the market, soon they could announce a happy news.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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