Lazio, Carnesecchi in any case.  And we also need a deputy

ROME – They also want to buy it broken, with an injured shoulder and perhaps to be operated on, despite the risk that it will remain stationary for two or three months and with all the pitfalls that a dislocation hides for a goalkeeper. Sarri does not give up Carnesecchihis first choice for the door of the Lazio. He believes it is the number one of the future and he is not the only one to think so. After various telephone conversations with Lotito, the technician clarified his intentions: forward on Carnesecchi. Today is a key day to understand if the blue will have to operate or not and in case with which technique. He will carry out a new consultation, he has already made several. Then he will decide what to do in harmony with his manager and Atalanta, owner of the card. The injury and the eventual operation are intertwined with the market. Carnesecchi was at stake for Lazio, an agreement had been sought with the Goddess for weeks. Lotito, reiterating his desire to buy it even when he was injured, would be in a position to ask for a discount from Atalanta. Percassi started from a valuation of 15 million, Lotito had offered about 10 more bonuses. He was trying to think about a loan with a repayment obligation. Carnesecchi’s knockout in the national team blocked everything.

The Reina option

Sarri is like that, if he makes a decision he doesn’t go back. By purchasing Carnesecchi, having to wait for it, Mau will be asked to choose a bridging solution. In pink there is Reina, 40 years old on August 31, salary of 1.7 million. Sarri had ousted him from the post in favor of Strakosha, had been a rejection. In these two years Pepe has not guaranteed the shots that have made him famous, it is no coincidence that the renewal of the contract was triggered automatically (with the Europa League option) and not on a proposal from Lazio. In pink there is also Adamonis. The Lithuanian, 25, is considered to be on the rise, but cannot be launched suddenly. The championship will begin in mid-August, while waiting for Carnesecchi it is not excluded that he will decide to buy a new second. The season had started with different conditions, planning a revolution resulting from 6-7 signings. We are in mid-June and the goalkeeper you are betting on is likely to settle in the current championship. The quota of 6-7 signings will be reached only if Milinkovic leaves, for which no official offers have arrived.

The names

Carnesecchi is the choice, only for the sake of completeness of information he remains Vicar as a possible alternative. For defense, the main tracks lead to Romagnoli and Casale, with Real Madrid’s Chust. Another foreign track has emerged, it’s Pablo Mari Villar, owned by Arsenal, who played for Udinese in the last months of the championship. He had moved and can move on loan. He is 1.93 tall, he is Spanish. He’s a left-handed center. Milan is in orbit, his name has also been associated with the Biancocelesti. It is a difficult market to decipher, there are names indicated by Sarri and others on which the company works. Mau really likes Ilic of Verona, a Serbian midfielder, and Atalanta is also on him. He has a valuation of 15-18 million, too high for Lazio. And the attack puzzle must always be solved: Diesse Tare laid the foundations for the purchase of Cabral for 5 million from Sporting. Sarri said yes then “no”, he has not forgotten Caputo from Sampdoria and keeps foreign profiles in the running.

Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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