Lazio-Carnesecchi: everything is decided in a few days

ROME – Sarri has not lost hope of having Carnesecchi in goal, awaits the decisions of the goalkeeper, he is tempted by the idea of ​​taking him even if he will remain stationary for two months. The blue is completing the round of consultations scheduled to decide what to do. He dislocated his left shoulder during training with the under 21, he has not yet decided whether to have an operation or not. Dislocations are among the worst injuries for a goalkeeper. In the event of an operation, it takes two to three months for clinical recovery, it is not certain that functionality will be restored immediately. Carnesecchi travels towards the age of 22, he is a strong, determined boy, he has assured that he will come back “stronger than before”. He had promised himself to Lazio, he was pushing for Atalanta to give the green light to the transfer to Rome. 5 million danced between offer (10 million) and request (15 million). He was also thinking about the loan. After the injury, Lotito could ask Percassi for a discount. In society the evaluations have not been completed, if an expenditure of 10-12 million is allocated, precise guarantees will be needed on the effective recovery of the goalkeeper. In these cases, it is assessed whether the injury occurred for the first time or whether there were any precedents (they do not appear).

The scenarios

Lotito is in contact with Sarri, they are waiting for communications from the goalkeeper and his staff. Carnesecchi will carry out another consultation tomorrow, will be the days of the decision. He met various specialists, some practicing new techniques, others recommending the operation. It is a move to consider carefully. On the one hand there is the desire to play with Lazio in a short time, on the other the need to recover as best as possible to avoid relapses in the future. In the worst case scenario, if Carnesecchi decides to undergo surgery and will be bought anyway (provided that Atalanta frees him), Sarri will only have to refer to Reina for the first league matches (starting on the weekend of 13-14 August ). There is no other solution. The others. If you decide to tackle other goals on pole, Vicario dell’Empoli, 25, has been redeemed by Cagliari for 8 million. Corsi would gladly give it to Lotito, but upon payment of about 10-12 million. No confirmations have arrived on Michele Di Gregorio, 24, plays for Monza. Cragno and Gollini are not part of Sarri’s favorite list. Maximiano del Granada was proposed by Jorge Mendes. Also Livakovic of Dinamo Zagreb. Federico Marchetti, 39, former Lazio number one, proposed himself, ready to make the third. He would like to end his career in Rome, it would be an amarcord operation. It is expiring with Genoa.

The attack

From the goalkeeper to the deputy Ciro. Yesterday the indiscretion that Luis was offered came up Suarez, leaving Atletico Madrid on a free transfer. He is 35 years old. In recent days the name of Simeone has rebounded, the Cholito who often punishes Lazio. It was proposed by Setti during the summits with Lotito for Casale and Ilic. For the attack, barring surprises, the idea is to find a winger who can play as a center forward. Diesse Tare pushes to buy Cabral for 5 million. Sarri had said yes to certain figures, perhaps he thought it was cheaper. Mau keeps a crack open, evaluates different leads. He had thought of Caputo from Sampdoria, there were foreign options. A final decision has not yet been made. It is one of the agreements to be found and on which the company-technical agreement will be tested. Sarri expects at least three shots for July 3, the day of the rally, at the latest for July 5, the day of departure for the Auronzo retreat.

Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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