Lazio, Carnesecchi becomes a puzzle: Lotito also deals with Vicario

ROME – Lost before being caught, it risks ending up like this. Who knows which macumba, relentlessly regulates certain stories of the Lazio. The one with Carnesecchihistory of marketit wasn’t even started and theinjury immediately by the goalkeeper he can cut it off. Carnesecchi he hurt one shoulder Tuesday while training with the‘under 21. There are no official diagnoses, only unofficial versions. The latter hypothesize theoperation, according to other reconstructions will have to undergo other tests to determine the clinical picture. Carnesecchi would be faced with a crossroads: intervention otconservative therapy. The decision should be taken in agreement with theAtalantaowner of the tag.

The scenarios

It’s a situation delicatethe future of this boy, 22 years old on July 1st. It’s a man market, every word weighs and risks complicating the negotiations that were at stake. There Federation it has not issued any medical bulletins. The city of the under 21, Paolo Nicolato, yesterday remained buttoned: “The only thing we know is that he will not be in the match (today Italy will challenge Sweden in Helsingborg)”. The blue health staff, after having subjected the goalkeeper to a resonance magneticcommunicated the outcome to the Cremonese (holds the Carnesecchi loan until 30 June) andAtalanta. A hot one was assumed dislocation. No other rumors circulated, only the indiscretion on the possible operation. And when surgery is done on the shoulder, 2-3 months of stop are conceivable. If theoperation was confirmed, the return, calculations in hand, keeping us wide, would be expected a September, one month from the start of the championship (it will start on the weekend of 13-14 August). Shoulder injuries, for goalkeepers, are among the most subtle. THE times they must be evaluated during rehabilitation. The experts explain, one thing is clinical recovery, another is the sensationsthe answers on sudden movements, the insecurities that may arise. Carnesecchi he is almost 22 years old, vigor and age are on his side. He must blame the bad luck, he had been gloating for months at the idea of ​​playing for Lazio. The facts. Lotito he waits to know the official diagnosis and prognosis, in the meantime he thinks about what to do. She can not to risk a millionaire investment, he was in contact with Atalanta, there was a distance of 5 million to fill (10 the offer, 15 the request). He was thinking about the loan. THE contacts risk being interrupted. Sarri he needs a number one from the first day of retreat. Lazio can throw itself on Guglielmo Vicar, 25 years old, 1.94 tall, just redeemed from Empoli. Corsi paid 8 million to Cagliari, not 10. The president of Empoli had already sent signals to Lotito in recent days: “If my friend Lotito asked for Vicar, with a fair offer I would almost be happy to give it to him as long as our work and real value be recognized “. Empoli values ​​it 12 million. On Vicario there are also Fiorentina and Napoli, Juve would have made a poll. It is managed by the Giuffrida brothers, on Tuesday they met for lunch with the diesse Tare, a few hours before the Carnesecchi stop. We worked on two tracks.

The other names in Lazio’s notebook

Goalkeepers have been bouncing around for months. It had started from Kepa of the Chelsea, a forbidden dream for the costs, was Sarri’s favorite. Kepa would call Mau, giving him availability. THE costs remain tall, despite the Growth Decree (engagement of about 5 million). Sergio Rico (PSG) was discarded. Jorge Mendes proposed Maximiano, 23, 1.94 tall, is promising, but is relegated with Granada. They had been evaluated Meret And Ospina of Naples. Also Provedel of La Spezia, not Cragno And Gollini. Surprises are not ruled out. No more ugly, hopefully beautiful.

Lazio chasing a goalkeeper: all the names on the list

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Lazio chasing a goalkeeper: all the names on the list

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