Lazio, Bourigeaud is always an option

It hasn’t disappeared from the radar, Benjamin Bourigeaudoffensive wildcard of the Rennes. It remains on the list of eligible candidates for the midfield, but only in case of departure of Luis Alberto. The Magician made it clear to the company that he would only leave if called by the Seville. Hypothesis being examined in every market and which is not carried out on time. Tare he holds the alternative ready and is still the Frenchman from Rennes, 28, expiring in June 2023. He is born as an attacking midfielder, he has become a mezzala, he is performing as a winger. His name had rebounded from France and the transalpine media in the last few hours have reaffirmed the validity of the track. Rennes, however, returned to the office to offer Bourigeaud the renewal, already refused in April. They risk losing it in a year to zero, only by selling it in the summer would they be able to raise a few million.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

Possible scenarios

Bourigeaud has taken time, he wants to evaluate the evolution of the market, signing the renewal immediately would preclude the possibility of starting in this negotiation window. It is a decision to be pondered well. In recent months, the Frenchman had confessed to the idea of ​​trying a new experience: “I have no problem saying what my ambitions for the future are. In ten years I have only played in two clubs, I think that in modern football it is very rare. I don’t want to have regrets at the end of my career and say to myself ‘if I had known …’. I just want to have an experience abroad, be it this summer or in the following years, I can’t say it because I’m not so sure. The decision will be made at the right time and I still hope to make the best choice for the rest of my career because I still want to grow“. He’s 28, he thinks it’s time to try a different adventure, maybe in Italy. Bourigeaud finished the last Ligue 1 scoring 11 goals and serving 13 assists in 38 games. It was his best season. Bruno Genesio, Rennes coach, pushes to convince him to stay. It was he who transformed him from midfielder to winger, he hopes not to have to replace him.

The other Biancocelesti goals

There are also alternative plans for the eventual departure of Milinkovicended up in the thoughts of the Chelsea. Tare’s trip to London, a double mission, served to evaluate incoming and outgoing runways, some linked to Sergej. Sarri hopes not to lose him, the possibility of him leaving is always to be considered. Chelsea have not submitted official offers, but will take the Sergeant’s profile into consideration. There may be new contacts in the next few weeks, when the Blues market gets underway. Sarri has always thought about Loftus-Cheek to replace it. The English half-winger, 26, 1.91 in height, would be the ideal player to reinforce the midfield. Chelsea tried to sell him in January, he was among the outgoing players. Tuchel he relaunched it in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid (throwing him in the first leg, aiming for it from the start in the return match). Mau also likes it Ilic of the Verona21, very young but talented profile. Lotito talked about it with Septa during one of the last summits organized to continue dealing with the defender Farmhouse, another objective requested by the technician. Ilic is valued at 18 million, Atalanta also fell on the Serbian. The price is high because Verona bought it for 8 million from the City a year ago, they would like to sell it for more than double. Lotito, at 18 million, would not take it. “With Lotito an operation can arise, perhaps two, we will see“, Setti let slip a few weeks ago. Tare keeps for himself other solutions for the possible replacement of Milinkovic, there is always a Mister X who can tick off his security lists.

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