Lazio, Basic and the second year for the consecration: Sarri is waiting for him

The first season was used for acclimatization, the second must become that of consecration. Basic is looking for the confirmation of an unwritten rule in the world Lazio of the last decade, the one that some of his current most illustrious teammates have already experienced on their own skin. This is the “Law of the second year”, not an exact mathematical formula, but a trend confirmed by some proofs that can give good hope of seeing the prophecy of Maurizio Sarri: «It will represent the future of Lazio. I am sure of it, even if maybe it will need more time than initially foreseen ».

Distinguished precedents

In case he would certainly not be the first, especially in the midfield department, to show all his splendor after a year of running in. Before him, for example, it happened to Luis Alberto And Milinkovic. When the Spaniard arrived in Italy in the summer of 2016 from Liverpool (but playing the previous season on loan to the Deportivo La Coruña), the adaptation was traumatic to say the least (382 total minutes, 1 goal and 2 assists), so much so that he thought about saying goodbye to football. Fortunately, he thought better of it and Simone Inzaghi he discovered the potential of the “Magician”, who closed the following year with 12 goals and 19 assists between league and cups (still his best season ever). Similar speech for Sergejarrived at Rome with a summer earlier than Luis Alberto, when he was still on the bench Stefano Pioli. The current coach of the Milan sent him on the pitch for 2347 minutes overall, but that Serbian boy scored only 3 goals (of which only one in the league) and needed an assist: the performance of his second season in Lazio was decidedly different, which ended with 7 goals and 8 assists between A league And Italian Cup. In short, two precedents of a certain depth. Of which Basic hopes to be able to retrace the footsteps.

Second year

The first season of Toma at Lazio it was all in all positive, the Croatian midfielder managed to gradually gain space, putting together at the end 1414 minutes: he scored only one goal (in Europa League against the Lokomotiv Moscow) and served three assists, but above all he worked hard to adapt to the new standards required in a new league, with a demanding coach like Maurizio Sarri. The Commander appreciates him and has said it publicly, crowning him as the future leader of the Biancoceleste team. Now, however, Toma is called to make a qualitative leap and the possible sacrifice of at least one between Milinkovic and Luis Alberto could open the doors to him to obtain greater continuity and even more confidence. It will be up to him to take advantage of the opportunities that will happen to him, this time starting directly from the summer preparation for Auronzo di Cadorethe one that jumped last year as it was still owned by the Bordeaux (due to the problems related to the liquidity index). It will certainly be an advantage, an added value that will allow him to create the conditions for that step forward that everyone at Lazio expects from him. And then there is that “Second Year Law” that can help. Not a mathematical formula, it’s true. But in the last decade there have already been at least two extraordinary proofs of its validity.

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