Larissa ferma il Panathinaikos: tensione. Aria condizionata rotta, un tabellone casca, e Vovoras…

Olympiacos in the final after three games, it will instead take Game-5 between Panathinaikos and Larissa after the success of Fotis Takianos’ team for 74-62. But it all really happened in this fourth act.

The race

On the field great performance of guard Thodoris Zaras, author of 17 points with 4/6 of 3, 13 for Stefan Moody with 7 assists, 12 with 16 rebounds for the former LBA Ousman Krubally. For the Pana 5/27 from 3, 12 from Papapetrou and Macon, 11 for Nedovic.

After being injured in the first half, Ioannis Papapetrou is expelled from the match as well as his teammates White and Papagiannis. Race-5 on Tuesday in Oaka.

The highlights of the match

The anger of Vovoras

But, as mentioned, everything happened. It is played beyond the limits of the guard, with damaged air conditioning. On the pitch, at the siren, Giorgios Vovoras, coach of the “greens”, is seen shaking hands with the referees but underlining his dissent on the choices that, credibly, generated the expulsions on the field.

A little further on, at the same time, we see Nemanja Nedovic and Leonidas Kaselakis arguing with Zois Karabelas, home player, and in the middle also ends the center Marin Maric. At that moment Vovoras arrives who pushes the Croatian and is repeatedly forcibly removed by some present.


Papapetrou’s harsh words

In the tunnel, Ioannis Papapetrou screams all his indignation to the televisions. For him the expulsion reaches 6.49, at the end of the first half he had placed a triple key, but an advertising screen collapses under the joy of his teammates, ruining his leg: «Congratulations to Larissa. They deserved. But I have been a professional for 9 years, it is not normal for a sign to fall on me, and I get hurt, because it is held up in some way ».

«We played with 50 degrees, people can’t breathe, players can’t stay on the pitch like this, and we’re talking about Greek basketball. The final result doesn’t matter, I’m 28, I’ve been playing for 9, and I think this should be the top sport in Greece ».

Harsh words: «Everyone saw what happened. Then nothing can be said because you are expelled. I am ashamed to be a part of all of this. I’m ashamed”.

Clash in the tunnel

Of course it doesn’t end there. A reporter reconstructs the facts in the tunnel. There is talk of Papapetrou’s grievances towards the local club before asking his teammates to return to the locker room after a dialogue between White and Marci. Here Sant-Ross throws something, perhaps a towel, and for this new moment of tension the police intervene to restore calm.

The words of Vovoras

Giorgios Vovoras, in the press room, does not lower the tone: «It was a very nervous game. Conditions were bad for both teams. No game could be played in these conditions ».

«In the last ten minutes we haven’t read the game and we made a mistake in our choices. We have another game ahead of us and we will be ready. Who was involved understood what happened in the final ».

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