Lara Caravello from Conegliano to Cuneo

WEDGE-Like last summer, Bosca S.Bernardo Cuneo draws from Prosecco DOC Imoco Volley Conegliano: in fact, the new red and white free, Lara Caravello, comes from the Italian champion team. The 28-year-old from Friuli, who only embarked on a free career in 2019, was Deputy De Gennaro in the last two seasons, in which she won two league titles, two Italian Super Cups, two Italian Cups and a Champions League. For Caravello, next season will be his first season as a starter in the top league. The summer of the new red and white free will be dedicated to beach volleyball with friend and long-time partner Giulia Gennari: the two former panthers, who in 2019 won the first edition of the Italian championship for clubs in Bibione, will be engaged together in the 2×2 .


Lara Caravello’s career is inextricably linked to Libertas Martignacco, in which she takes her first steps and of which she soon becomes the captain. After a break in Soverato he returns to Martignacco in the 2017/2018 season, that of the promotion from Serie B1 to Serie A2. The transition from a spiker specialist in reception to free arrives in the 2019/2020 season, her last one in Friuli, because Daniele Santarelli identifies her as deputy De Gennaro. In the two seasons as a panther, Caravello disengages well when used as a replacement for De Gennaro, and she becomes a fundamental weapon for Santarelli when she is deployed as a spiker on the serve and for the back lap. In particular, in the last championship he collects several appearances as a starter in the first part with a De Gennaro still recovering from an injury, while in the final phase he is often decisive with his rounds in service and solidity in reception and defense in the second line. After two years of apprenticeship with the best freeman in the world, Cuneo represents a new and important stage in Caravello’s path, with an important legacy to be collected and many responsibilities that cannot scare a player who has always made herself nationally and internationally. get ready when called upon.


«I am very excited for this great opportunity: I did not think it could happen, because there are many strong Italian freemen and traditionally there is little room for the new generation. Replacing Spirit will be very difficult, but I will try to do it in the best way. I know I can still improve a lot: the first objective will be to give safety in reception in order to allow the team to have an excellent ball change. The two years in Conegliano were fundamental for my career: the always very high level in training allowed me to grow a lot in a role, that of the free, which was still relatively new for me. This year, with Moki struggling with an injury, I was also called to play important games and I realized I could have my say: I can’t wait to do it for a whole season with the Cuneo shirt. I have always heard very well about the red and white club, and Lucille Gicquel also confirmed its solidity and ambition for me. Here I find a competitive team and a coach like Luciano Pedullà who wrote the history of Italian volleyball: training with him will be a further stimulus to continue my growth path ».

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