"Kvaratskhelia? Let's give him time to adapt to Napoli and Serie A"

The Naples of the 2022-23 season takes shape and one of the first signings for Spalletti’s squad is Kvaratskhelia, who with the Georgian national team jersey continues to surprise and give magic. The future forward of the Azzurri makes the Maradona fans dream, who hope to have found a new talent that can drag the Neapolitans to the Scudetto.

Naples, here is Kvaratskhelia: numbers and goals of the Georgian talent!

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Naples, here is Kvaratskhelia: numbers and goals of the Georgian talent!

“Kvaratskhelia will have to adapt”

Speaking on the air on Radio Marte, the agent Vincenzo Tosto asked for calm and turned off the enthusiasm on Kvicha Kvaratskheliawho must be given time to grow and adapt to Italian football: “We need to put a small percentage of doubt on his performance, because the Italian league remains one of the first in Europe in terms of character. In Italy, especially in the first months, it is difficult. It is not considered a phenomenon on which one is 100% sure, a small percentage of adaptation must be given to it. The Naples of the future is the Naples of the present. Let’s not go too far“.

Tosto: “Napoli must fight for the Scudetto”

Soon, then, he gave a personal interpretation of Napoli’s next championship: “I believe that this year the Naples lost the Scudetto. It was won by Milan because Napoli lost an opportunity. The Rossoneri won the Scudetto for the demerits of Napoli and Inter. Napoli next year must fight for the Scudetto. It has players in the team who can aspire to take the Scudetto. They came close with Sarri and this year as well“.

The Naples market

The agent then paused to talk about the Azzurri’s incoming and outgoing market: “Given that I am an admirer of Berardi, it must be said that he, Politano and Bernardeschi they are similar in characteristics. Among these I put Berardi on top, then we have to evaluate some aspects. Politano is already a Napoli player, but you have to sit down and clear your doubts to start the season in the right way. Napoli are creating alternatives, Bernardeschi could be hungry if Politano were to leave. And why not, we are talking about Berardi who is a boy from the south. If he were to go via Politano, I see great Berardi“.

Rumors and market suggestions

Finally Tosto talked about the suggestion of the market Luis Albertowhich would have been proposed to Napoli with the possibility of exchange with Mario Rui: “They are two players who are protagonists in their own clubs and in their own teams. Let’s not forget that Mario Rui is a very owner and has guaranteed performances. He gave guarantees by bringing points. The same Luis Alberto. They are completely different as players. Who profits from this exchange? I don’t know, but they guarantee a certain presence within the staff“.

Kvaratskhelia show with Georgia: a goal with a 'view' on Napoli

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Kvaratskhelia show with Georgia: a goal with a ‘view’ on Napoli

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