Kim Jong-Un, nothing but embargoes: his car collection is worth 2.5 million euros!

Since in 2011 Kim Jong-Un took office at the head of the North Korea, The EU and the United States have imposed trade and financial embargoes with the Asian country. Embargos which also include the importation of cars from Europe or the American continent.

But the New York Times discovered that in 2019, in spite of any ban, Kim Jong-Un managed to land three ultra-luxury models in Pyongyang to be used in public and institutional meetings: one Rolls-Royce Phantom and two Mercedes Maybachthe 62S and the S600 Coach Guard.

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Supercar at any cost

The British and German brands immediately dissociated themselves, claiming to respect the embargoes of the United Nations and to no longer entertain any commercial relationship with North Korea. And it was the New York Times to reconstruct the arrival of three premium sedans, departed on 20 June 2018 from the port of Rotterdam and arrived in Dalian, China, after 41 days at sea. From there the two Maybachs sailed to Osaka, Japan, and then to the port of Busan, South Korea, where they boarded a cargo ship to Nakhodka, a Russian town near Vladivostok. The two Mercedes were then loaded onto a North Korean military cargo plane bound for Pyongyang.

Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Maybach, here is Kim Jong-Un's millionaire garage

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Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Maybach, here is Kim Jong-Un’s millionaire garage

Sedans and limousines between luxury and power

Given the isolation and lack of official information, it is not known whether Kim Jong-un’s cars have specific characteristics. The standard technical data, however, are sufficient enough to outline the type of car we are talking about. There Mercedes Maybach 62S is pushed by a V12 twin-turbo 5.9 petrol engine with 612 hp and 1000 Nm of torque. A long and luxurious sedan, with 20 “wheels and active suspension, interior with precious materials such as leather with wood, carbon fiber and black lacquer finishes. price and of about 560,000 euros.

There Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard it’s a real one limousine with V12 twin-turbo 5.9 diesel engine with 530 hp and 830 Nm of torque. It is a car designed essentially for institutional meetings, since it is possible to install sirens, flashing lights, two-way radios, doors and armored windows capable of stopping 7.62 caliber bullets. A car that is even able to protect occupants from explosions of up to 15 kg of TNT at a distance of 4 meters from the car itself. We are not talking about just any car, and consequently the price is very high: approximately 1.4 million euros.

There PhantomFinally, it is one of the most famous models of Rolls-Royce. To buy it you need about 500,000 eurosprice justified by its aluminum bodyworkfrom the 460 hp 6.7 V12 petrol engine and the passenger compartment characterized by leather materials with wood finishes.

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