Kick-off on Ipermatch The equity crowdfunding campaign is launched

  • The first Italian dApp to land on the market
  • 136 thousand euros have already been collected with the first Initial Item Offering ever to take place in Italy
  • You can invest through WeAreStarting, becoming a partner of the startup
  • Simplified approach to the crypto world, thanks to the technology of the Celo Foundation

Milan, 08 June 2022 – The first Italian App arrives in the gaming world with one of the most widespread passions in our country, fantasy football: it’s called Hypermatch and allows fantasy coaches of all footballing faiths to set up and field their own dream team, thanks to its decentralized application (dApp) on the blockchain, which combines football and fintech. This is the umpteenth frontier reached by Ipermatch, already the first startup in the sector to launch an Initial Item Offering (IIO) in Italy and which is now also opening an equity crowdfunding campaign.

The best fantasy coaches from all over Italy have already been able to prepare their line-ups for the first tournament of Ipermatch through the app, already online for several days in Beta version, which interacts with the nodes of the blockchain in the execution of its functions. THE IIOa pre-sale operation of its token-players, has made it possible to create a community that today has more than 3 thousand members, and which has allowed the company to close the 2021 financial statements in profit (after only one year of activity).

The operation made it possible to raise approximately 136 thousand euros, validating the management game project on the market, conceived by the founders under 30 Antonio Paone and Fabio Mazzero, former university friends. Participants in the IIO thus secured the “tag” of “Rare”, “Epic” or “Legend” fantasy footballers, defined on the basis of their value and quantity on the marketplace. The presale therefore distributed 22 thousand Non-fungible tokens (NFT), among those sold or for free, including the unobtainable “Uniche” cards, real playing aces, top-players ready to compete in the new season starting in August.

The resources gathered have supported the technical development of new functions, but that’s not all. After the launch of the app (downloadable from the website), a new funding campaign open to the public is about to be launched. Any interested investor can in fact support Ipermatch by participating in a equity crowdfunding, obtaining in exchange a share of the company itself. The initiative will be hosted on the platform WeAreStarting (, registered with Consob.

“The adherents will be able to become shareholders of Ipermatchacquiring property rights valid under certain conditions, including any future dividend or capital gain distributions – explain the founders Paone and Mazzero -. Equity crowdfunding is a particularly suitable formula for SMEs and innovative startups, which are not listed on other markets and are increasingly chosen in Italy as well. Ipermatch aims at a minimum collection target of 75 thousand euros and we are confident that the latest technical updates will convince investors to support the growth in value of Ipermatch not only inside but also ‘outside’ the virtual playing field ”.

The equity crowdfunding tool made it possible to collect and acquire € 286.7 million in Italy, from 2014 to the first half of 2021. The trend appears to be growing, since in the first six months of 2021 65.35 million have already been collected, a figure almost equal to the whole of 2019 and that 2020 was a year record, with over 100 million euros. 588 successfully closed campaigns, equal to 76.3% of the total (data from the 6th Italian Report on CrowdInvesting, Crowdinvesting Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano).

From a technological point of view, Ipermatch’s NFT and cryptocurrency system will be based on the Celo blockchain. Exchanging players and making capital gains as in the real transfer market will be even easier and more intuitive, thanks to the CEUR (Celo euro)the stablecoin anchored to the value of the euro that users will use exclusively within the marketplace. Through the Celo Foundation platform, users can download a Celo wallet on their smartphone, buy CEUR by associating their credit card, connect it with their Ipermatch account and then start playing.

And for new members? Of course there is still time. By entering now in the world of Ipermatch any user will be able to obtain a free team, made up of eleven owners and seven reserves to be able to start playing in “freemium” mode. The game scores will always be calculated by an artificial intelligence system, starting from the performances of the real athletes, allowing the fantasy coach to climb the rankings and win the prizes up for grabs.

“We want to reach all football fans with the utmost simplicity and the partnership with Celo will help us to bring the general public closer to the blockchain – conclude Paone and Mazzero -. Ipermatch thus maintains its own ‘edutainment’ approach to the fintech world, allowing each player to try their hand at the same time as a real sports manager between tactical modules, statistics, missions to objectives and customizations. Let’s start with a taste of all the potential fun that Ipermatch will be able to express in a few months, at the beginning of the next football season 2022/23 “.


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