Juventus transfer market, assault on Paredes.  Arthur is one too many

TURIN – Out Arthur, inside Paredes. The renovation of Juve’s midfield continues and goes further Pogba, for which only the official announcement is now missing. There strategy he is defining himself and leads to Paris and to a goal that does not fade from the thoughts of the Juventus managers. Leandro Paredes, in fact, cyclically approached the Lady in many of the last market sessions. Max Merry looking for a player of quality, personality, experience and physicality to be placed in front of the defense, so as to be able to take advantage of Locatelli and Pogba from mezzali. L’Argentine could represent the solution ideal to complete the restyling of the department that was most in difficulty last year and most needs to be reinforced to at least approach the levels of the recent past. Paredes, 27, after having exploded between Rome and Zenit St. Petersburg, has been al Paris Saint-Germain and, above all, it will expire in 2023. The renewal, at the moment, is not on the agenda and therefore, barring news, this becomes the last useful summer for the Parisian club to score a profitable sale; the alternative would be to lose it to zero. THE contacts between the Juve and the Psg have been reconnected for some time and in the last few days they would have suffered aacceleration, as evidence of how you really want to intervene in a tangible way on the median. Parisians would not oppose one assignment but at the moment they fired big: the request is around 20 million. Then there is another themeL’engagement of the player: currently Leandro receives 7 million per season, in practice the maximum of what Juve can guarantee to its top players. It is therefore logical that Juve intends to try to spread this figure on a horizon multi-year and is looking for the ideal formula to be able to satisfy the player’s requests. Which, it should be remembered, at least publicly made it known that he does not mean change air. “I will be staying at Paris Saint-Germain this summer, it’s not the time to leave or go back to Boca Juniors,” he said recently.

The Paredes shot linked to Arthur’s farewell

There is also another factor who must go checkers to allow Juve to sink the blow for Paredes: thegoodbye from Arthur. This is a far from simple undertaking, considering that the company has already failed in its intent in the past market windows. The yield disappointing of the Brazilian, however, advises to try again; the former Barcelona player also needs to play continuously for the World Cup.
Two i knots: L’engagement of 5 million plus bonuses and the value of residual load in balance, amounting to over 47 million, make the search for a buyer extremely complicated and make the loan the only possible way out. The Juventus club and the player’s entourage are still working to find one solution: an attempt is being made to concretize the dialogue already in place for some time with theArsenal and on the horizon there is also the Monk. Does Arthur open the door to Paredes?

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