Juvemania: basta perdere tempo dietro a Di Maria. Pogba, non dire gatto... ma che Gatti!

Cats, what a surprise

20 days have passed since the end of the Serie A championship and those who immediately expected some blows from Juventus to compensate for the disappointment of a season clearly below expectations have remained disappointed to date.
However, Federico Gatti’s Roberto Mancini’s debut with the blue shirt of the national team of Roberto Mancini, really an unexpected positive surprise, brought optimism to the Juventus home.
The convincing way in which the former Frosinone defender moved from Serie B to mark top-class strikers like Abraham and Kane leaves really good feelings. It will not be easy to replace Chiellini of course but if a good morning starts in the morning the Old Lady will be able to concentrate on the necessary reinforcement strategy in other roles, at least as a priority scale.

Pogba, don’t say cat …

While waiting for Pogba’s fundamental return to Turin to materialize, a market movement destined to shift the balance of Serie A, Juventus continues to beat all parallel and alternative tracks to give Massimiliano Allegri that Instant Team requested by the coach for return to being competitive immediately.
Of course, everything revolves around Pogba. On his return, the Juventus team can cement the recovery. Even if in recent years the Frenchman’s performance has been clearly below expectations, it seems clear to us that in a league seriously inferior to the Premier League such as Serie A and with a physicality not even remotely comparable, the “Octopus” can move the players again. balances in Italy.
But as Trapattoni wisely said, “Don’t say cat if you don’t have it in the bag” and we therefore await the official announcement because a large part of Allegri’s future depends on Pogba’s return to Juve.

Stop wasting time with Di Maria. Either accept the conditions of Juve or hello!

A totally different speech that concerns Di Maria instead.
Let’s make a necessary premise, no one here doubts the quality and strength of the Argentine winger but we are faced with a 34-year-old footballer who has already embarked on the waning phase of his sporting parable with a lot of expressed will to return as soon as possible at home to close his career close to home and with the last, big, goal (Qatar 2022) on which his head is totally focused.
Let’s face it right away, regardless of whether the two-year agreement is found to be able to take advantage of the tax benefits at Juventus, someone really thinks that in the first months (those preceding the World Cup) the Argentine footballer will put his leg up, will do his utmost and give all risking to compromise the last great goal of an amazing career?
It is clear that Di Maria will have his head first at the world championship and then at the return home, so the time has come to put a decisive and decisive either or the player:
“Dear Di Maria, either you sign a biennial with conviction right away or hello, you can go back to Argentina right away. We are Juve ”.

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