Juvemania: Pogba è l'anti depressivo giusto ma da solo non basta. Allegri al PSG? La vera paura è un'altra...

The transfer market is about to go live. After a first normal phase of adjustment at the end of a very long season and waiting to do the math well to try to better close the related company financial statements, that month of July is about to arrive which will necessarily be decisive to see all the blows. most important. This year, with the Serie A starting before August 15th, it will be essential to complete the staff as quickly as possible so as not to start the season incomplete, risking to frustrate everything.

Allegri, the real scare is a season like the past …

Allegri, for his part, has the obligation to cancel the disastrous departure of last year and be ready immediately this time, both mentally and tactically. In the past days the photo in which he was seen portrayed next to the new PSG consultant Luis Campos created quite a bit of controversy, a photo that has created quite a few annoyances even in the upper floors of the Juventus club. Those captions on the net and in the newspapers “the photo that scares Juve” certainly weren’t taken with sympathy even if, turning on the web and in the tortuous world of social media, the comment of the Juventus fans was anything but frightening; in fact, the real nightmare is to replicate a championship like last year’s. However, we repeat it once again here from the pages of this column: Allegri was by no means the right coach from which to start again to re-establish Juventus, but by now we must necessarily trust him, at least for another year. Getting rid of it now would not be a smart move also because there are no level alternatives. So, removed the irony that in circumstances like this one can easily stay there (“Scare? But maybe they take it away …” the most read comment on the net), it is right to think about the new season.

Everything revolves around the return of Pogba

For the arrival of Pogba, indeed for the return of Pogba, there are now days in black and white.
It is an operation that is finally destined to raise the totally depressed mood of a square that, especially in the last two years, has had to swallow some really bitter morsels for a management management that is absolutely not up to par. The ‘Pogback’ could finally reverse this trend of negativity and bring optimism back to Turin. Certainly the only return of the “Octopus” will not be decisive to heal all the weaknesses of a badly matched formation upstream. However, having the central axis De Ligt – Pogba – Vlahovic as a foundation from which to start again gives us very hope, on the other hand it has always been repeated that a real team is built with a great defender, a leader in midfield and a ruthless striker.
The Old Lady has them all even if in recent times, for one reason or another, they have not performed at their best.

De Ligt and Vlahovic, is the year of the turning point

Next year for De Ligt will be the decisive one because without Chiellini and with Bonucci who no longer offers defensive guarantees, the Dutch giant will necessarily have to carry the defensive department on his shoulders. Juventus to avoid a football catastrophe.
Pogba, on the other hand, will have to return that football player admired in Italy up to 6 years ago and who instead in England and with the France shirt we have seen very rarely, almost never. The current tactical technical level of the Italian championship combined with the almost zero intensity, if compared to the Premier League, will certainly put him in a position to return to one of the strongest and most decisive players of the tournament. For Vlahovic, it will be necessary for Allegri to be able to build a team that sees him at the center of the project as a game terminal. Vlahovic has always scored a lot in the past, with a very high average goal, except in the last period of Juventus where, in any case, he scored his goals despite a proactive offensive phase of the team almost nil.
With no more Dybala, with whom an evident technical and human harmony was being born, it will be even harder and therefore surely others will have to supply it and even here the Pogba alone will not be enough and for this reason the names of Di Maria, Kostic continue to be mentioned. and not only.
All that remains is to fasten your seat belts because the new Juve is about to officially start, hoping that this time we will run really hard at the start.


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