Juvemania: ​caro Allegri, novembre sarà decisivo. Ma non sei l’unico con le spalle al muro!


While on social media the hashtag continues to appear intermittently randomly #Allegriout at Juve it is time to plan the next season in the best possible way, certainly that of judgment for Massimiliano Allegri.
Lost Dybala, Chiellini And Bernardeschi and looking forward to knowing the future of Morata, Kean, Arthur, Rabiot and not only has the time come to start formalizing the reinforcements with which the Juventus management hopes to quickly cancel the unsuccessful 2021/2022 season.
From the names combined with the Old Lady (from the phenomena Pogba And Of Maria to the unknowns Kostic And Molina) it is understood that the will of the owners, on the advice of their coach, is to build a instant team able to win immediately by focusing on ready and established players.
A choice that does not, however, hide important risks, especially on medium / long-term planning.
In fact, let’s not forget that the next championship will be the most anomalous in the history of Serie A, practically the sum between an Apertura Championship and a Clausura one.
In November, before the stop for the world championship, there will already be an opinion, if not definitive, certainly fundamental on the rest of the season. In fact, all the teams and all the coaches will have a much higher pressure in the first part of the tournament than in previous years. With almost 2 months of forced stop and the restart that will coincide with the winter repair market, any coach who fails the start will risk not only not reaching the panettone but even the November rain so dear to Guns N’Roses.
The championship will be practically split into two parts and it is reasonable to expect many exemptions that will coincide with the stop for the world championship in Qatar. Never like this year, in the event of a false start, it will be possible to remedy it with all the time necessary to reschedule.

Inzaghi, Spalletti, Sarri and Mourinho double pressure is up to you too

Allegri, at the top, however, is not the only one with his back to the wall.
For one reason or another he is in good company.
There is Simone Inzaghi from which, despite all the difficulties faced at the beginning, the Scudetto was expected.
There is Spalletti that, despite the injuries, he would have to play it all the way through.
There is Sarriwhich after a year of adjustment, will have to produce net improvements in Lazio and there is also Mourinho to whom a victory in the Confederence League cannot be enough to completely save the season.
All the top teams of the Italian league that changed their coach during the summer of 2021 are now called to aim for better results than those obtained during the 2021/2022 season.
In fact, it is no coincidence that the Italian champion coach was that Pioli, the only one to have been able to count on the multi-year continuity of a technical / tactical project.
This is why at Juve it is right to continue with Allegri, because changing again after the exonerations of Allegri (2019), Sarri (2020) and Pirlo (2021) would be really crazy.
Whether it was right or wrong last summer’s choice, now we need to trust the current Juventus coach with the great awareness, however, that the off-market contract awarded to him last year will not necessarily have to be a condemnation for the growth of the team.
Then build the formation requested by Allegri and give him carte blanche to restart in the best possible way and cancel the handicap start of the last tournament.
If, however, the result were to be that of the recent past, it is right to think of closing the relationship already at the November break.
Obviously, this also applies to Inzaghi, Spalletti, Sarri and Mourinho.
Never as this year are they all with their backs to the wall. November will be decisive.


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