Juve transfer market: Morata braking, Atletico's no to the bis loan

TURIN – Braking Morata. Alvaro’s future returns to be a big question: the negotiations with Atletico Madrid to keep him in Juventus despite the failure to redeem the 35 million agreed two years ago has once again stalled. Certainly not the expected evolution at Continassa: the management of Juve, in fact, was confident that the last steps taken with the Colchoneros could lead to a turning point. Maybe not very quickly but in any case such as to allow us to reach the desired goal. Both from the club and from the player.
The position of the Spanish striker, in fact, is very clear: he wants Juve, so much so that he has already rejected Arsenal, who had also enticed the Madrid club with an offer of 30 million. Precisely this is the point: Atletico, aware of the incompatibility between Morata and the coach Simeone, intends to monetize the sale of him as much as possible and therefore awaits a solution that can lead to a definitive farewell.

No loan

This is why we came to a halt, even unexpectedly, after a dialogue between the clubs in the last few days that had seemed profitable. The parties had agreed on the need to find a solution that could satisfy everyone, given the player’s will and Juve’s intention to bet on him again. After the unsuccessful pursuit of the Juventus club at a discount – Atletico from the initial 35 million had dropped to a maximum of 26 million, without further concessions -, they began to think about a formula similar to the one established two years ago. The bianconeri would have taken Morata back on a loan for a season at a cost of 10 million, with a right of redemption for the same amount of 10 million next summer. The only step to take to bring this hypothesis to the finish line was the need for Alvaro to renew his contract with Atletico which expires in 2023. And, instead, nothing to do, no new loan. At least for the moment, the Colchoneros intend to stall and wait for the market to bring substantial and tempting offers for a definitive sale.
Morata, therefore, remains among those who are suspended: in three weeks the Juve season will restart but, in the current state of things, he will not be part of the group. Alvaro is on vacation and continues to hope for the most welcome ending. In any case, it goes for a long time, and for the bianconeri the situation becomes complicated: without Morata, in addition to a vice-Vlahovic, another external striker would also be needed to be added possibly to Di Maria (the door for Fideo remains open).


And what does Dusan do? The Serbian, having completed the overtime at Continassa to recover from an abdominal muscle problem tending to groin, is on vacation and has confessed to Icon magazine: “I play football 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The goal is something that fills me, it pervades me completely, therefore, when I don’t feel this emotion, after the game I feel on the ground, empty. If I sign, however, it seems to me to fly. I feel in seventh heaven. It’s a kind of fuel and once you’ve tried it you have to have more, and then again, you have to live that emotion at all costs. It is an addiction that stimulates you at all times. It is what I live for“.

Juve and Atletico, the agreement for Morata is not there yet

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Juve and Atletico, the agreement for Morata is not there yet

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