Juve, the deadline for the redemption of Morata has expired: all the hypotheses

The summer transfer market (also) lives on dates and deadlines to be respected. Once upon a time there was the one for co-ownership, an all-Italian institute then decayed, but in fact “reborn” under other guises, those of loans with the right of redemption and counter-redemption, which this year must be defined by 21 June.

Juve-Atletico and that “pact” for Morata

Then there are different and very particular agreements, such as what Atletico Madrid And Juventus they had stipulated for Alvaro Morata. In 2020 the Colchoneros had granted Juve the onerous loan of 10 million of the Spanish striker, renewable for the following season always at 10 million, with the right of redemption set at 45 million after the first season and 35 million at the end of the second. A total operation of 55 million euros. Juve took advantage of both years of the loan, thus paying 20 million: the deadline for the redemption has been exceeded, but as expected Morata is still an Atletico Madrid player. However, he almost certainly won’t stay that way.

Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

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Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

Juve does not give up the Morata track

A few hours before the “gong”, ‘Cadena Ser’ took stock of the intricate situation of a player who is a staple of his national team and is also considered important by Allegri for the dynamics of the new Juve. Yet the Juventus club has never taken into consideration the hypothesis of paying what the two clubs had agreed for the redemption in an era when the consequences of the pandemic of Coronavirus, important notation to underline how much, according to Juve, the evaluation given to Morata is no longer in line not so much with the value of the player, but with the current situation of the international market.

Alvaro and Alice, together again in Venice

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Alvaro and Alice, together again in Venice

Morata, uncertain future: all the hypotheses

Now, however, as also reported by ‘Cadena Ser’, Juve and Atletico can kick off the “real” negotiation for Morata. The positions are clear: the bianconeri are ready to bet again on the player, the Colchoneros consider Alvaro a capital, but only at an economic level, and not a technical one. Just the certainty that Diego Simeone he is not interested in bringing Morata back to the squad and that the player seems to consider only two hypotheses, staying in Turin or returning to Atletico, he can play Juventus, but called to raise the amount for the redemption: Madrid would not want to drop below 35 million to avoid the capital loss, but in the absence of offers it may have to settle. Do not discard the hypothesis that Morata renews the contract with Atletico which expires in 2023 to then return to Juve on loan again, a scenario that could allow the Spaniards to spread the salary and earn another season in a future sale to avoid capital losses.

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