Juve, the 2022/2023 season ticket campaign starts on 13 June

Juve, the season ticket campaign kicks off on 13 June

The cheering. Passion. Now I’m home again. The news we couldn’t wait to give you has now finally arrived: on June 13th, at 2:00 pm, the 2022/2023 Season Ticket Campaign starts! Finally, after two seasons, it will be possible again to live the appointment with the emotions of the Allianz Stadium for the whole season from your seat.“, reads the note from the Juventus club.”Emotions that will finally return to make the hearts of the fans beat again to start living together a day of celebration at the Stadium, which goes beyond the match, with entertainment, cheering, shows, animation and events that are always new. In short: from the next championship we will start again for real, and the season ticket is the only way to be sure not to lose even a minute of live Juventus passion “.

Juve, the phases of the season ticket campaign

The first to be able to buy the 22/23 season ticket, from Monday, will be former 19/20 season ticket holders who will be able to access the renewal phase by confirming the purchase on their old seat in the 19/20 season. They will have until June 27 at 18:00. If, on the other hand, they want to renew, but change the place, they can do it from 4th to 5th July. All 19/20 subscribers received the “Covid-19 voucher”Directly on your My Ticket Shop profile. To reduce this credit, if it has not already been used up in other previous purchases, each subscriber must use it by renewing the subscription from their profile. It will be possible to renew your seat exclusively online here“.

Subscribers registered in an Official Fan Club, as always, will be able to apply to their Club directly. Only at the end of the renewal campaign will Juventus communicate any seats available for new season ticket holders. Any availability will be put up for sale reserved first to J1897s and then to Black & White Members in possession of a valid Juventus Card. 2022/23 Memberships will be available for purchase a starting from July“.

Juve: what the season ticket includes

The subscription to the Allianz Stadium guarantees the possibility to attend all 19 Serie A home games 2022/23 and to access the entertainment activities, which are many, both for children and adults, to experience a day party that starts before the kick-off and ends after the 90 ‘minute! And if you can’t attend one of these matches, you can easily give up your seat by changing your name or putting it back on sale, thus accumulating a credit that can be spent during the year for other home matches of Champions or Coppa Italia. It will be possible to access the first sales phase reserved for the home matches of the Uefa Champions League, also with the possibility of changing the name, the Italian Cup and more. In the event of a Coppa Italia final, a dedicated sales phase will be guaranteed“.

Furthermore, during the year the subscriber will be informed of reserved sales also for some important matches of the Women’s First Team and the Under 23. And about the following season? By purchasing the 22/23 season ticket it will be possible to have the right to access the reserved sale for the 23/24 season ticket. Not only that: the advantages and promotions in collaboration with J | Medical, Juventus Museum and Juventus Online Store should not be forgotten. And during the year other initiatives and promotions will be dedicated to all subscribers. All the info are on the dedicated page. And then all ready, that we start again for real. Because experiencing the Allianz Stadium is beautiful, but being a season ticket holder … is another thing“.

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