Juve, swipe in the towel on Dybala's 10.  What if Pogba wants her back?

TURIN- There is no more. Paulo’s shirt Dybala is disappeared, deleted. At least give it online store of the Juventuswhich in this way perhaps wanted to launch a further signal from goodbye, without saying too many thanks. The number 10 shirt of Dybala is no longer there, trying to buy it is not possible despite the promotional campaign of the new official Adidas kit for the 2022/2023 season continues at full speed. Of course, Paulo is not part of the Juve to come, he is one news which has taken on official connotations for months now, since it was announced by Maurizio Arrivabene last March 21, the first day of spring and the last day of the telenovela renewal of Joya’s contract. Not being able to buy one sweater that it will not be his is perhaps normal. Yet there are others too players who have just finished the season and are already out of the next one, like Giorgio ChielliniFederico Bernardeschi and until proven otherwise, Alvaro too Morata: of them, however, it is possible buy the new shirt (already worn in the last few seasons) as well as the old one, even by going through their dedicated card. On the other hand, by clicking on the “buy the shirt” button of Dybala you will get to a page of mistake with a casually relevant automated message: “Oops! Probably not what you were looking for, is it? ‘ In short, the black and white shirt number 10 is gone. In short, the Juve has deleted Dybala.

Juve canceled Dybala

Just as Jorge Antun continue to to deal With the’Inter, a maneuver that is leading a good chunk of Juventus fans to erase at least the last page of the Juventus version of Dybala. The one that sees Paulo cry out loud, inconsolable, receiving the greeting from the Allianz Stadium during the farewell party originally planned only for Chiellini. Basically there are many pages that many would like to cancel, even if those of recent history written by Dybala remain: 7 years together, 5 league titles and 7 other trophies, 115 goals and 293 appearances. Another 7 would have been enough to reach the altitude of 300 that would have led the shirt inside the J-Museum. Instead that same sweater in the past few days it has been canceled.

The new 10 of Juve

Someone, however, that 10 there will wear. There is no season with the shirt in the drawer, as happened for example on the occasion in 2012/2013 halfway between the legendary reign of Alex Del Piero and the biennial of Carlos Tevezbut also in 2016/2017 before its own Dybala he loaded the shirt left free by a certain Paul on his shoulders Pogba. Now a new one relay race between the two, even if there does not seem to be 10 in the programs of the French midfielder, who rather from Dybala (and Cristiano Ronaldo) will pick up the baton as an image man as well as a pivot on which to build the team. In this regard, so Rafaela Pimenta she expressed herself in Le Parisien: «We talk about it a lot. What would be the danger of a return to a former team? Many things have changed, it is another group, several years have passed and it would be another story ». Maybe with another one sweaterwhich who knows could be kept warm for Angel Of Maria. Or more likely for Federico Church. Precisely on this subject, the Juventus forward himself has hinted at the upcoming news: «The number 10 shirt? Everyone likes it, at Juve it was worn by great players, it would be incredible, in July you will know my number … », the words of him last week on the sidelines of the event with Save the Children.

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