Juve, one year ago the death of Boniperti: the homage

“Winning is not important: it is the only thing that matters” is the famous phrase coined by Giampiero Bonipertiwhich has become the emblem of the Juve. Exactly one year ago, on June 18, 2021, at the age of 92 the Presidentissimo, the man who fully represented the Juventus spirit and that constant desire to achieve success. Boniperti defended the colors of Juve first as a player and then as a manager, becoming a symbol of the club.

Juve remembers Boniperti: “A moment of emotion, of sadness”

His name will forever be linked to that of the Juventusand the Juventus club wanted to remember him with a long letter: “It happened exactly one year ago. On June 18, 2021, at the age of 92 and a few days after what would have been his 93rd birthday, Giampiero Boniperti left. That day for us it was a moment of emotion, of sadnessbut it was also an opportunity to look, once again, at the great, immense story that linked that boy from Barengo, in the province of Novara, to the Juventus colors “.

“Boniperti made the world understand what the motto that all Juventus know by heart means

There Old lady he paid homage Bonipertiretracing the successes achieved together: “A true love story, which lasted a lifetime, in which Giampiero first gave everything as a footballer, in an extraordinary epic since 1947, writing pages of history that almost always began with that trio of names, to be pronounced by heart: Boniperti- Charles-Sivori. 179 in all his football goals, but numbers are something cold, if they don’t tell emotions, hugs, stories. If they don’t mark lives “. The letter from the Juventus club continues: “The life of Boniperti and that of Juve, from then on, were destined to proceed forever in parallel: in 1971, the second half of this crazy story began. A second half in which Boniperti made the world understand what the motto that everyone means the Juventus players know by heart, and that he himself shouted that night, when our new home, the Allianz Stadium, was inaugurated: “Winning isn’t important: it’s the only thing that matters”.

“An infinite story: infinite, like him”

Juve’s homage ends: “Because since he became President, Juve simply won everything. But today, exactly one year after his death, we don’t just remember his history, his victories, his triumphs: today we remember one of the men who wrote most of all. the Juventus legend, because Juventus was his DNA. An infinite story: infinite, like him.

Goodbye Boniperti, the images of the Juventus legend

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Goodbye Boniperti, the images of the Juventus legend

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