Juve, from Arthur to Ramsey: the players outside the Juventus project

TURIN – There is the market in ticket. In any case, the big shot at Juve will be Paul Pogbawhile working for Angel Of Maria and then we will go on to complete the squad with the sole objective of providing Max Allegri with a scudetto squad. But delicate is also the market in exit, which sees Juve having to manage a whole series of difficult skeins to unravel. If the future of Matthijs de Ligt will be able to hold court for a long time, the former treasure is the one always coming for a central defender, Merih Demiral. However, it is not enough. With someone cases which represent urgencies to manage, such as Arthur. The Brazilian is the first on the list of transferable, in turn he would like a change of scenery: to complicate everything there are those costs imposed by the maxi-exchange with Miralem Pjanic, in the balance sheet the residual book value affects 46-47 million, even the super engagement reduces the opportunities to be identified on the market. For months there has beenArsenal interested, also the Monk has taken steps, to Federico Pastorello the task of finding the right one solution and this has been discussed in recent days. Juve does not exclude thehypothesis of the loan burdensome and would wink at any welcome exchanges like the one with Gabriel that along the way, however, it cooled down.

Players for sale

In exit also Moise Kean, but Everton does not discount or open to formula changes. In synergy with Enzo Raiola we are working to find a third club that can provide a way out, the agreement with the Toffees provides for a second year on loan for another 4 million with a right of redemption that will easily become an obligation for 28 million plus 3 bonus. Hypothesized various exchanges, the channel opened with Psgthe West Ham. On sale then there is Luca Pellegrini, he will go away, to understand where and when. Expendable Alex Sandroone year after the expiration of the contract, however, the Brazilian wants to stay, Juve would be satisfied with little for to break free of his engagement of over 6 million net.

Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

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Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

The future of Rabiot and Ramsey

If he stays, Adrien Rabiot for Allegri it would be a holder. However, he continues the work of mother Veronique and the designated intermediaries to evaluate the market one year after the expiry of the contract: United is serious, Chelsea And Newcastle they think about it, a peace with Psg is in the air. For 15-20 million you can leave. Only a super offer, on the other hand, would make Juve waver on the Weston front McKennie. While returning from loan the Rangers will also have to unravel the skein Aaron Ramsey: Welsh is out projectthe agents are in Italy and the hypothesis of resolution of the contract remains the most accredited.

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