Juve, Chiesa: 'Non vedo l'ora di giocare con Vlahovic. Torno a settembre, magari con la 10...'

Federico Chiesaoffensive exterior of the Juventusis present in Turin for the inauguration of the new educational hub in collaboration with Save The Children and, on the sidelines of the event, spoke to the reporters present, including the correspondent of Calciomercato.com Nicola Balice: “Today we are at the inauguration of this point with the Juventus-Save The Children partnership. It is a unique emotion. I had already inaugurated one when I was playing at Fiorentina, in Prato, and it is wonderful to be here: they give them children the opportunity to create a future, to dream. And it is the meaning of life. Sport is fundamental, it is discipline and education: it teaches the values ​​of life “.

RECOVERY – “Where am I? My dream is to return as soon as possible, but there are schedules to respect and I think we are doing a great job. At the pitch I am surrounded by great professionals, the Juventus medical staff are fantastic and they have helped me. in all respects, we have come to meet each other. Now we are in a phase in which I have started running, I have also started to make the first changes of direction and let’s see. I think for the beginning of September to be ready, let’s see if we can do a little bit first, but to be sure and not to have relapses in the future, which nobody hopes, it will be September “.

VLAHOVIC – “Wait for me? We had already teamed up and I feel great with him on the pitch, then he’s a friend out and this only improves things on the pitch. I can’t wait to play with him and give him some balls to score some goals in more”.

THE 10 FREE – “If the idea appeals to me? Of course, the number 10 shirt pleases anyone and especially Juve is something incredible, top level players, champions wore it. In July you will know the number (smiles, ed)” .

SERIES A 2022/23 – “This year has been an exciting championship, we penalized the start at the beginning otherwise we would have been there to play for it. And then we saw that the match with Inter was a watershed. The next championship will be even more difficult : Milan won the championship, Inter the Coppa Italia and winning helps to win, so it will be more difficult. We must return to the Juventus mentality, but have a lot more wickedness. “

ITALY – “Renewal? Mancini and those who work with him know this better than me. We need change, new and fresh players. We also need to change the Italian system, the truth is that we are behind other nations. mister, the players in Italy do not play. But the problem is that there is no talent or training? We have to start asking ourselves these questions and change our mentality a bit. I think Mancini is the most suitable person. done after the first collapse, he took us to the top of Europe after the missed World Cup. And therefore Mancini is the most suitable person. In my opinion, training is fundamental. When I grew up in the Fiorentina youth sector we were taught the basics, now you think about the result “.

HURRY ON YOUNG PEOPLE – “This too. Players who arrive and for half an hour on the pitch are labeled as the new Messi and Ronaldo. Luck is having the right people next to you and meeting the right coaches who know how to wait, give the right times and make the most of their potential “.

ADVICE TO GNONTO – “Do what he did as soon as he entered last game”.

EXPECTATIONS FOR JUVE – “Arrive in March and be competitive in all competitions”.

OF MARIA – “Di Maria is a champion, he won. On the market front you have to talk to the president (laughs, ed)”.

ROLE – “Outside, as I played in the national team and with Juventus”.

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