Juve and the youth market: who stays with Allegri and who will go on loan

The time for choices is coming for the best of Juventus youth. The many Under owned by Juve who have been highlighted in the last season, in Zauli’s Under 23 or on loan between Serie B and C, are about to become technical or economic resources for the Juventus club, based on the choices that will be made by the club and the coach

Juve, here are the results of the sowing of the Under 23 team

After all, Lamberto Zauli’s arrival on the Südtirol bench, newly promoted to Serie B, is proof of how profitable the work of the Roman coach in the two-year period at the helm of Juve’s Under 23 team has been, continuing what his predecessor did. Fabio Pecchia. The young bianconeri are returning from the best season ever in the Serie C championship, with the achievement of the second round of the national playoffs, but which has above all projected many elements in the first team, from Aké to Soulé passing through De Winter and obviously the “star” Fabio Miretti.

Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

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Juve market: who leaves, who stays and who is in doubt

Fagioli and Miretti promoted, Rovella on standby

Now, however, having left the springboard, it is time for everyone to grow. Inside or outside Juve. The club’s strategy appears to be clear. The “elected” who will be evaluated by Max Allegri in retreat will be two, Nicolò Fagioli and Miretti himself, to whom he could add Nicolò Rovellaa young man not from Juve training, but bought from Genoa a year and a half ago and now ready for the bianconero: during training and tour in the United States the Livorno coach will further test the qualities of the two midfielders, who could also become part of next season’s squad. After all, Fagioli has always been a pupil of Allegri, who made him debut, and his quotations have further increased after his promotion to Serie A with the Cremonese, while by now everything is known about Miretti, with the direct passage from the Under 23 to the Juve of the greats in the final of the season, the four consecutive matches in Serie A and the public praise of Allegri himself.


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Serie A awaits Ranocchia, Brunori depopulates in B

As for the other nuggets of the youth sector, the sale goes true. On loan or outright. Starting with Filippo Ranocchia, who after the excellent season at Vicenza seems destined to make his debut in Serie A: Sampdoria, Verona and Udinese have come forward for the loan. The only Luca Zanimacchia he should say goodbye to Juve definitively, to be sold to the same Cremonese with which he rose to Serie A, but the bianconeri could keep the right of counter-redemption, while for Matteo Brunori, super bomber of the newly promoted Palermo in Serie B, any interesting offers from top cadet clubs will be evaluated, with the rosanero having the pre-emption. The others, therefore Aké, Da Graca, De Winter and Soulé, should be sorted out on loan to Serie B: it is likely that some of these will follow Zauli to Südtirol. In the hope, in a year, of following in the footsteps of Fagioli and Miretti …

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