Di Maria prefers Barcelona: Juve on stand-by

TURINOf Maria chooses. The hourglass flows, thoughts travel and take on shades now Blaugrana, now Black and White but the time to take stock is coming. The Fideo he is ready to make the final decision on his future, he is approaching the last crossroads of his career. Juve or Barcelona? The impression is that the question can be answered shortly because after contacts, meetings, phone calls and pauses for reflection, the wait for the epilogue cannot be too long. Angelin truth, he had made it clear that he was in no hurry and that he wanted to take all the time necessary to wait for the Boatenjoying the holidays after the commitments with the Selección. The overtaking of the Catalans on Juve, in recent days, had become a reality: an interview between Di Maria and the technician Xavi had tipped the scales in favor of Barcelona, ​​just when at the Keep going they were convinced that they were within walking distance of the finish line. In fact, clear signs emerged that the Argentine champion preferred to return to Spainalso driven by the family, as the last stop in Europe before returning to his homeland next year Rosario Centralthe club of the heart.

Juve to come: from Di Maria to Pogba, the shots to return to the top

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Juve to come: from Di Maria to Pogba, the shots to return to the top

Di Maria, the problems

Pessimism had become prevalent, therefore, at Juventus, where a definitive answer is awaited from the player, which has not yet arrived. There is a reason, however, for this delay: dialogue with the Lady it never stopped and, at the same time, they emerged forcefully on the Barcelona front economic problems of the club that require you to cut the amount of wages and to collect from the sales to fall within the parameters established by the Spanish Liga before acting on the incoming market. The times, thus, are necessarily destined to lengthen, perhaps too much even for a condescending one like Di Maria. The door for Juve thus remains open; the constraints to which Barça must comply make the game of the bianconeri. There is still hope, in short, also because the team’s season will begin on July 4th Max Allegri which in the second part of the month will go on tour in the United States. So if marriage with the Lady is to be, it cannot be delayed too long. It is therefore logical to expect developments this week and they hope they will arrive at Continassa positive news from Fideo. In particular Merry: the Juventus coach pushes to seize the opportunity to reach a champion of Angel’s caliber in a favorable situation, from releasedso as to insert a winning player, a leader in a group that needs people ready for the immediate climb to the top. For this reason Juve, while preferring a two-year agreement to take advantage of the tax advantages of the Growth Decreedoes not close the door to a one-season contract, with a salary of 7-7.5 million, including bonuses, while this figure would be the basis on which to add the bonuses in the event of a two-year contract.

Waiting for the future, Di Maria prepares a great dinner

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Waiting for the future, Di Maria prepares a great dinner

Juve market, Neres as an alternative

Pending the choice of Di Maria, the alternatives are evaluated in any case at Continassa. Tease the idea David Neres25 years old from Brazil blossomed in Ajax and now in Shakhtar Donetsk. Juve got to know him closely in the Champions 2018-19when he faced i Lancersbeing eliminated in the quarters: it was Neres who signed the equal goal in the first leg Amsterdam. On the player there is competition from Benfica, which at the moment appears to be the favorite. He also plays in Shakhtar Mykhailo Mudryk, talent born in 2001, Ukrainian winger with a guaranteed future. Instead, it responds to the voice experience Filip Kostic: the Serbian Eintracht Frankfurt costs around 20 million but, with the contract expiring in 2023, it could not even go beyond 15 million.

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