"Juve and Atletico condemned to understand each other for Morata, but there is no agreement"

The situation is a real puzzle Alvaro Morata in home Atletico Madrid, with the Colchoneros who would not want to keep him against his will and the Spanish striker with his head elsewhere. The goal for the former Chelsea and Real would be not to be forced to retire on 10 July with Simeone’s team, but the resolution of the market problems is still a long way off. Juventus remains at the window, and as Marca underlined it will be a real game of chess to reach an agreement.

Juventus, the loan formula is being studied for Morata

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Juventus, the loan formula is being studied for Morata

Juve-Atletico-Morata, a hot triangle

Everyone wants the same thing, but no one would be willing to take a step back to accommodate. If Atletico have repeatedly reiterated that Alvaro Morata is not part of Simeone’s technical-tactical plans, on the other hand Juventus would like to keep the 9 to give continuity to the work done so far in Juventus. But the operation, this time, may not end with a loan. The Colchoneros, in fact, ask 35 million for the definitive sale, but Juve backs off and can put up to 20 on the plate. Both, however, know the weaknesses of the other. As reported by Marca, in fact, for weeks there has been a continuous push and pull between the two clubs, which would like to play on each other in an attempt to open up a false step. From Spain, therefore, they are certain that the two clubs will eventually be forced to understand each other and to find an agreement for Morata’s future, with the Spaniards’ ds who opened the door to the Bianconeri.

Morata, Juve think about the exchange

The position of Atletico Madrid seems to be immovable. The Spanish club, in fact, aims to amortize as much as possible the operation which at the time cost the club 65 million paid to Chelsea. This is why those 35 million for Morata seem to be the right price which, however, as reiterated several times, would be excessive for Juventus. The Old Lady, in order to reach an agreement, would also have put on the plate some trading pieces such as Moise Keanbut Marca stressed that the Juventus striker it is not one of Simeone’s preferences. For the solution, therefore, it could be late in coming, but it seems clear that the clubs will be forced to desist in order to reach an agreement that could benefit the parties, with Morata in the middle waiting confidently.

Alice Campello between costume rehearsal and sweet kisses with Morata PHOTO

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Alice Campello between costume rehearsal and sweet kisses with Morata PHOTO

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