Jovic, talent and indiscipline: at Fiorentina he can shine again

The desire to relaunch after three years in the shadows. The role of deputy Benzema which is tight, but at least it is known what happened to all those who over the years have tried to take away the place of the French champion. Luka Jovic he is looking for a showcase that makes him shine like in his first experience in Frankfurt. He is willing to leave Madrid and the Real, but only for a team that guarantees him the starting position. That may be the Fiorentina.

The last three years amidst difficulties

In the summer of 2019 he arrived with great fanfare at Real for 60 million euros fromEintracht, but an injury, the indisputable ownership of Benzema and the outbreak of the pandemic affected the season. During the first wave, he flew to Serbia – apparently without the company’s authorization -, for the birthday of girlfriend Sofija Milosevic (ex of Adem Ljajic) with whom he also had a son. In Belgrade, he then violated the quarantine imposed by the Serbian authorities to go to the pharmacy and was reported. Upon returning to Spain, he was found to have a heel injury. In short, an ordeal that ended with the victory of the La Liga but with only 7 games as a starter in all competitions and the misery of 2 goals. The following year, only 2 starter appearances for Real and then the loan to Eintracht, where the Spaniards thought he could rediscover the polish of the old days. A positive start (3 goals in 3 games), then the decline and a half-season ended with only 4 goals in 9 games as a starter. The return to Madrid, in the last ‘temporada’, did not go better: 19 appearances and only one goal dated 4 December 2021 against Real Sociedad. Added to this are a couple of injuries, Covid positivity (a relapse) and very few opportunities to show off. With Zidane had admitted to having had language problems (“Zizou doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish well“he said), with Ancelotti there were none, but Benzema’s extraordinary season. it inevitably affected his chances of showing off. Italy can give him that push to return to being the forward that all of Europe admired in the 2018/2019 season. He loves our country, as does his partner, who has already been able to admire his beauty and lifestyle during his relationship with Ljajic. The two, in 2020, were on vacation in Rome and Capri. Not in Florence, where Luka could find the smile he lost in Madrid.

The importance of his father Milan

Jovic’s idol is the former Atletico Madrid and Chelsea striker, Radamel Falcao, to which he has always been inspired. He is the son of a footballer: his father, Milan, was a modest midfielder who also wore the shirts of Spartak Moscow and Partizan Belgrade. After retiring, he dedicated his entire life to his son’s career, not without financial difficulties: “Luka once played two games in one weekend and we couldn’t go back to our country (Batar, Bosnia). We then parked the car next to the stadium entrance and slept in the back seat with some blankets and pillows“At 18, when in Serbia there was already talk of him as a future talent of the Red Star, his father was the victim of an attempt at blackmail. “We break his legs and your son will only be able to play in a wheelchair“they told him, asking for money. The blackmailers were then arrested and Luka’s career went on, but not without problems. At 24, with three children (two from his ex-partner) and 4 different shirts, he is now looking for tranquility and a company that can trust him.

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