Jacopo Larizza from Bergamo to Taranto

TARANTO-The central from the Marches (born in 1998, 204cm) Jacopo Larizza will be part of the rossoblù squad 2022-2023, after the last season played in Serie A2 in Bergamo, where he won an Italian Super Cup and finished the championship in first place. He lived a season at the top in Lombardy, and before arriving in A2 he had won the Scudetto with Lube, after a championship at the highest level, together with captain Falaschi whom he will find again in Taranto.


It is a product of the Lube nursery, where he played until 2017, disputing in addition to the youth championships also the Serie B cadet with the shirt of Paoloni Appignano. From 2017 to 2019 the launch in Serie A, the first two experiences in A2 with GoldenPlast Potenza Picena, first of the year in Santa Croce and then return to red and white. Its characteristics are the explosiveness and effectiveness in attack, as well as the strong presence on the block (840 points and 250 total blocks). he confirmed himself by living a season as a protagonist in the central department. Now he will bring all his experience already important for his young age on the shores of the Ionian.


What prompted me to accept this proposal was first of all the welcome request from the club with the Presidents Bongiovanni and Zelatore, the care and attention of the General Manager Primavera and Mister Di Pinto whom I sincerely thank, who made me understand their great willingness to have me in this team. I really enjoyed it and I’m really flattered by it. The Gioiella Prisma club is a reality that cares a lot about the final result by developing individual individuals. Taranto is a serious club with an important history in the Italian volleyball world, last year it played an excellent championship as a newly promoted one, getting the salvation and touching the playoffs, missed by a whisker. I also spoke with Falaschi whom I know well and with whom I had played in the Lube. He told me about the excellent work that takes place in the gym with the coach and about the club that puts you in a position to face the season in the best possible way. In Taranto I have the opportunity to get involved on the field in Superlega, I expect to work hard and grow, I want to prove my worth and establish myself in the top Italian championship. It won’t be easy but I think I have some qualities that can emerge right in Taranto. I have never worked with Mister Di Pinto but I know that he is a great technician, very demanding but also very attentive to details and good from a technical point of view. I am happy to be able to work with him: I believe that I will be able to achieve the personal goals that I have set for myself and also those that we will agree on as a team. The team that is forming will be a respectable team with a very strong setter like Falaschi, who played an exceptional championship and deserved to be called up to the national team. I also know Stefani very well who played with us in the Lube youth teams and I also got to know Lucconi, from the Marche region like me and I believe that in general it will be a young team, together with some more experienced players who will help to grow the group. The team has all the credentials to reach the goal of salvation and confirm itself, always trying not to be satisfied but to spend every day in the gym working constantly; only in this way will we be able to achieve the quality and level of play that this championship requires ».


“The impression I had in the interview with Larizza is that he is a willing young man whose job does not scare him, I perceived the will of a humble boy who really wants to grow up and make a qualitative leap, and he has faith in this group of work. At the same time he has a good intuition and a decent blocking talent and good potential in attack, with a good level of physical and mental means and we also hope to make him make a big leap in quality ».

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