Italia Under 21, Nicolato: 'Le società non abbiano paura a far giocare i giovani. Miretti e Rovella che personalità'

Italy Under 21 coach Paolo Nicolato gave a long interview to Tuttosport in which he talked about the conquest of the final phase of the European Championships and the Italian talents on the launch pad.

QUALIFICATION – “Honestly, I didn’t sleep, after matches I usually can’t. I still had the adrenaline high for the victory over Ireland that gave us the pass. It was a great satisfaction to have hit an important goal, especially for how we managed to get it. I slept little but I was happy. As regards our ambitions it is obvious that we will try to give our best and we will have to deal with realities of absolute value such as Spain and Portugal, not to mention France and England. football movements that are better than ours at the moment, but all matches must be played ».

TACTICS – “The changes of form? Were chosen daughters of necessity. We studied well the conditions of our players, the characteristics of the opponent, the type of game they wanted to set up and therefore a type of module was married. With the emergency in course between injuries and comings and goings it was not possible to imagine focusing only on a game system “.

MIRETTI – “I don’t find out for sure, he’s the captain of the Under 19 national team and has already made a good international journey despite being so young. For him, as for everyone, you must then test yourself in a non-sporadic way with the big players, where the level rises further. notable potential, a good foot and personality, it will come in handy. He can play both mezzala and play: one thing is to play and with people like Rabiot at his side, but it’s another to be the pillar together with other young blues “

ROVELLA – “Nicolò is a guy I like very much, he has technique and is always animated by a warrior spirit, characteristics that do not often match in a single player … He was good, he played three great games despite coming from a period for him overall, he hadn’t played a whole game since the March meeting against Bosnia … “.

BASIN OF FOOTBALLERS – “That the boys find space can only be pleasing, indeed very pleasing. From the perspective of the national team we can have a future if we increase the number of players who play. It is also a problem of football culture. Starting from the assumption that a boy must play only if it deserves, the problem becomes concrete if someone else always deserves it! I believe in the merits: if someone is 50 years old and plays better than the 20-year-old, the first must take the field. But in the opposite case the opportunity should not be precluded just because he is young and inexperienced. ”

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