Italia-Slovenia 83-70 (Penna 26, Fassina 18). Domenica Azzurre con la Spagna (ore 19.00)

Winning and convincing debut for the Azzurre at the “Città di Cividale del Friuli” tournament scheduled at PalaGesteco over the weekend. Lino Lardo’s team overcame Slovenia 83-70, holding the lead for 40 minutes with great authority.

The top scorer for Azzurra was Elisa Penna with 26 points, Martina Fassina also in double figures at 18 (career high for her in the national team). Debut with the Senior for Elisa Policari, Maria Miccoli and Alessandra Orsili, among other things all three to sign.

Tomorrow at 19.00 PalaGesteco hosts Spain-Slovenia, Sunday the tournament ends with the match between the Azzurre and the Iberians, again at 19.00 (live on Twitch Italbasket channel

So Lino Lardo. “Here in Cividale we have worked hard and well, also changing several players, and tonight we got the answers we wanted. The chemistry cannot be maximum but the girls are looking for each other and have the right face: in the first half we suffered too much in defense but after the long interval we kept them at 30 points. We made three Italians make their debut today, the list continues to grow and we can only be satisfied. Now Spain, an even more complicated match but we will try to take another step forward ”.

Verona, Fassina, Penna, Madera, Andrè are the quintet chosen by Lino Lardo and immediately the Azzurre push on the accelerator producing an effervescent first quarter of 30 points and nine players to score. The great protagonist is Fassina with 8 points in an amen, Slovenia remains in contact thanks to the penetrations of Oblak and the triples of Jakovina.

Italy sees its percentages in attack drop at the start of the second quarter but keeps Slovenia fasting for 3 minutes and also extends to +11 at 37-26, then a couple of turnovers bring the two teams back together (39-37 ) with the 5 consecutive Lisec. The blaze of Penna makes the Italians breathe (44-39) and at the long interval it goes up to 48-40.

The umpteenth magic of Penna brings us back to the double-digit advantage (51-40) but in the third quarter for Slovenia Oblak takes the chair, his triple of 59-54. Pastrello and Attura stamp the new extension (66-54) after 1 minute of the last quarter and then it is again Fassina (triple and counterattack) who keeps Lisec and his teammates at a distance (71-59). To close the account is an excellent Penna with the 8-meter triple which is worth +18, then in the final minutes the Azzurre manage the score without problems.

“City of Cividale del Friuli” tournament
Italy-Slovenia 83-70 (30-24; 18-16; 15-14; 20-16)
Italy: Keys 6 (2/3 from 3), Bestagno 4 (1/4), Orsili 1 (0/1 from 3), Verona 6 (2/5, 0/2), Pastrello 3 (0/1, 0 / 1), Madera 3 (0/4, 1/2), Miccoli 4 (1/2), Fassina 18 (5/6, 2/4), Andrè 3 (1/6), Attura 7 (3/4 , 0/3), Penna 26 (3/6, 5/5), Policari 2 (1/2). Herds Lino Lardo
Slovenia: Lisec 15 (5/9, 1/3), Oblak 24 (7/10, 1/3), Cvijanovič 3, Seničar, Goršič, Jakovina 12 (3/5, 2/4), Rupnik 1 (0 / 1, 0/1), Friškovec 7 (2/2, 1/3), Debeljak 6 (0/2, 2/5), Kramžar 2 (1/1), Vujačić. Herds Georgios Dikaioulakos
Referees: Andrea Bongiorni, Giacomo Dori, Alessandro Perciavalle.

T2P: Ita 17/40; Slo 18/30.
T3P: Ita 10/21; Slo 7/22.
TL: Ita 19/30; Slo 13/18.
Rebounds: Ita 34; Slo 34.
Balls recovered: Ita 10; Slo 7.
Lost balls: Ita 12; Slo 18.
Assist: Ita 21; Slo 11.
Fouls: Ita 21; Slo 27.

The program of the “City of Cividale del Friuli”
June 17
Italy-Slovenia 83-70

Standings: Italy 1-0; Spain 0-0; Slovenia 0-1.

June 18
19.00 Spain-Slovenia

June 19
19.00 Italy-Spain

Ticket office
Slovenia-Spain (18 June):
Italy-Spain (19 June):

Single match
• Grandstand 5 euros
• Parterre 10 euros

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