Italy overwhelmed, what a lesson from Germany: Mancini is now third in the group

MONCHENGLADBACH – Dark blue. A heavy defeat, historic and without appeal, which brings Italy back to the ground after the last good performances. The path of renewal and growth of the national team abruptly ends in Monchengladbach, where Germany dominates and trims five goals (since 1957 that the Azzurri have not suffered so many) to Mancini’s team. A clear difference in quality, only partially justified by the coach’s experiments (starting line-up with an average age of 24, Luiz Felipe, Scalvini and Caprari debutants).

The young Italy collapses!  Germany makes five

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The young Italy collapses! Germany makes five

Mancini revolutionizes training: nine changes

Compared to the team that drew in England, Mancini rotates again and only confirms Donnarumma and Frattesi. In attack there is the trio formed by Politano, Raspadori and Gnonto, while in the middle of the field Cristante and Barella return. On the other hand, Flick relies on Werner, supported on the trocar by Hofmann, Muller and Sané. The Bayern Munich striker is the first to become dangerous with a right-footed shot from the edge of the area that touches the goal. Italy approaches the game well and at 9 ‘is close to the advantage. Politano’s initiative from the right and the ball cut in the middle of the area where Raspadori arrives first: Neuer saves by closing instinctively. With the passing of the minutes, however, Mancini’s team loses its distance and disunites, leaving ample space for the Germans. At 10 ‘, on a cross from the left, Kimmich enters the blue shirts and all only with a left mockery Donnarumma.

Collapse Italy, goals from Gnonto and Bastoni

The Azzurri are in great pain, Germany dribbles very well and when they attack it always hurts. At 33 ‘Hofmann enters the area from the right and lets go a powerful conclusion that Donnarumma rejects. Shortly after, Werner also tries with his right, with the blue goalkeeper still attentive. Mancini is very worried and does not wait for the interval. At 43 ‘he made his debut with the national team Luiz Felipe, who entered in place of Politano. It is above all a tactical change, with the move to the three-man defense and more coverage on the right, where Germany dominates. The change during the race, however, is not enough, because the Germans pushed and at 49 ‘found the doubling. Naive and useless push of Bastoni against Hofmann in the area, the referee Kovacs awards the penalty that Gundogan transforms. At the start of the recovery two other rookies enter, Scalvini and Caprari, in place of Frattesi and Raspadori. Germany, however, have no intention of stopping and within 24 minutes they score three more goals. It is the total collapse of Italy. At 6 ‘Muller signs the 3-0, then Werner lights up with a brace on two assists from Gnabry. In the end the goals from Gnonto arrive, after Dimarco’s shot rejected by Neuer, and Bastoni, but there is little to cheer. The Azzurri slip to third place in the Nations League group, also overtaken by a triumphant super Hungary in England.


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